Friday, 28 September 2012

Just a little note to my followers to say that i will be back hopefully blogging soon. I just havent been in the zone for the last couple of weeks but once i get back up i know i'll be blogging away.
Hope your summer was good and your all well.
See you soon,

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Modern Masquerade



This is my competition entry for, they asked to create an outfit for £50. I managed to create an outfit with that budget which I think looks fab. This is a really glamorous and summery look. I'll start with the dress, the one shoulder detail of the dress gives it that fun, sexy and i think glamorous feel as it reminds me of the Greek goddess' dress. I love the shade of blue, great for those summer outings. This is a simple dress so I had to make sure I got some great accessories to liven it up a bit. I found these stunning shoes which has a small colourful pattern on the side. The cork platform really creates a summery feel. Both the shoes and dresses each was £10 which I think is a bargain. Moving onto accessories, the simplicity of the dress gave me an excuse to go big on the accessories to I added a statement necklace, Aztec ring and hoops with pearl drop detailing. With the budget of only £50 this was a bit hard but I managed to find some nice pieces. The look is finished with a stunning shade of sparkly nail varnish and a fabulous pair of eyelashes. I would definitely wear this on a summers nice out.
So what do you think of my budget friendly outfit?