Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Design Diary

Just a small post about me for anyone who cares. I was so excited about my new hobby that I thought i'd blog about it. Last weekend I got my very own sewing machine, kindly given by my nan. It was a very cute moment her showing me how to use it. Im still waiting for some bits and bobs to arrive so I can start sewing and get making some clothes. Today I went to my fabric shop to get something for my dress in school and also to get some fabric for myself. I walked in and in the  basket with 1m off-sets I saw this stunning fabric which is like a velvety lace, I loved the feel of it I just had to buy it. There's enough to make a small top or sleeves to a dress, or a skirt come to think it. There was also the cutest patchwork print fabric which im going to make a dress out of. So expect some dress-making post in the next couple of weeks.
I thought i'd post a picture of my fashion design I did yesterday. Im not gonna lie it looks pretty good considering a couple of months ago I was using templates to draw rather than free-hand. Anyway thats me, i'm super excited and cant get to start making.
So Picked up any new hobbies? Do you do sewing?

Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs

Ok so with the excitement of having 4 reviews in one last I forgot about this one. I got these for my birthday as I wanted to use my impress nails again but the stickiness was wearing away. They are really easy to use, because of the clear film their on you can see where the tabs are going. The plastic on top of the tab is easy to remove its just a matter of bending the film and it peels off. Again having the clear film (the plastic that holds the tabs) and flexible you can put in on where you want and press it on the film. Then with a bit of a rub it comes off and your good to use it. Hopefully that all makes sense but basically what im trying to say is that its really easy to use. I've been using it for longer than 8 days which is really good as still there's no sign of them coming off. You get 24 in the pack and a pack is £2.59 at the moment in super drug. 
So you ever used stick on nails?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Avon colourtrend


Ok so another new Avon product I bought is this ColourTrends lipstick in the shade coral you. This is like a lipstick crayon. First the texture is a bit like a make up crayon so not like a glossy lipstick so its different to the usual texture. I usually wear a dark brown colours so this shade was a bit weird and for whatever reason made me look darker. Its easy to apply as the tip is thinner than the thick sticks of lipstick. What i've come across is the 'non retractable' feature which personally is stupid and pointless. Its just comes naturally that you twist the whole thing out so to not be able to twist it back down it annoying and messy considering I didn't see that note till later but oh well. If you use it with your fingers it actually comes out nicer as you can blend it in and not too much goes onto your lips. It smells really nice, quite sweet smelling even from your lips. I will use this product again and experiment with it but because of the texture (and the stupidness of not being able to twist it down) I dont think I would buy iy.
So I will give this product a 6/10 

Avon Beauty Balm

Ok so a product that's been on my list is a BB cream so when I saw than Avon were doing one I thought I might as well grab it. At the moment its not out but the next campaign It should be out. The packaging I think it really nice and grown up, I love the three colours of the black, white and hot pink. Im really happy with this product its makes my skin look and feel really good. There's a couple of shades to choose from which is good so you can have one that actually matches your skin tone. Having it on made my cheeks quite soft which I loved. As a beauty balm it was soft and smooth unlike those thick foundations. I've only just learnt after putting a bit on under the sun light that there's a touch of sparkle in it so in the sun you will be glowing. It has SPF which a cool thing to have. The only bad thing was the amount of air it had inside the tube, I squeezed a bit before the cream came out but thats like alot of things now a days. I am really please with this product and I do recommend it. When it comes out to the customers I will update this post to tell you how much it cost.

Avon Perfect Kiss Lipstick


Ok so as a lipstick wearer I thought i'd try out some new colours. So I bought a couple of colours from Avon. This one that Im going to review is 'Fuchsia Flirt' which is like a hot pink. This was a bit more daring than what I usually wear but I thought I might as well give it a go. This one was in the sale so its a bit cheaper than what it is probably now so you'll have to check. I've bough a Perfect Kiss lipstick before and they are really great. The colour is what looks like in the tube there's nothing more annoying then thinking you've found a nice colour and then testing it out to find it another shade/ colour. They leave your lips feeling moisturised. It does come off when your eating certain foods but alot of lipsticks do that so I wasnt too fussed. This gives your lips a smooth and shimmery look so if its a matte lipstick your after this isn't the one for you. Avon products generally are fab and at pretty good prices too. This range has loads of colours to choose from so go and have a look.

Because my mum works for Avon she's able to get samples of colours which are these tiny lipsticks which are so cute. Whether you can get samples if you ask im not to sure but you can get it in normal size anyway. Another colour I wanted to give a go from Perfect Kiss was the 'Natural Glow'. As you can see its like a soft nude colour. The review is basically the same for the one above. This is one that is starting to grow on me the more I look at it. It does make your lips look pale which sometimes doesn't look good but its only to try out. I could use this colour just to mix with other colours which can be interesting. I dont think I would quite buy the full  version but thats just me.

So have you tried any new lipstick shades? 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Update on my life

 Ok so just a short post to update you on my life at the moment. It is fashion related so it wont be completely boring. At the end of this year I would of been going to university but because of a change of heart I'm going in a different route and going to do an apprenticeship. Its where you work and learn on the job where they pay you rather than you paying £9000 a year to learn. I found it more appealing to me just because I felt it would be more of a hands on experience and you get to work with people who's already made it into the industry. Today I went to an apprenticeship open day at University of East London where they try and set you up with someone you'd want to work for. It was just filling forms and telling them about you. The next part of the day they asked us to pattern cut, for those of you who dont know thats where you make a template for a garment you go on and make. I didn't know how to do that so I learnt how to. This was really cool as its something they dont teach in school and I wanted to know. Because I know how to do this I can start to make my own clothes. I went for the smart cheetah print look today with my cheetah print lace dress, nails and head scarf. Please do ask me anything about it I will try and answer your questions.

Monday, 11 February 2013

It makes your lips so kissable And your kiss unmissable

Valentines Sweetheart

Valentines sweetheart

Ok so as we all know Valentines day is coming up in a couple of days so I thought i'd put a little outfit post together. This is a more in-doors outfit seeing as it is freezing and snowing lightly haha.
I send loads of love to all those girls without a valentines this year...
Got anything special lines up?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Free Clothes :)


Ok so there's one thing better than buying new clothes and thats getting them free. Ok so they're second hand but that really doesn't  bother me. Yesterday the house my dad was working out was throwing out clothes, including his daughter which luckily is the same size as me. I got 27 pieces of clothes which was really cool. Just to pick out these are my 4 favourite from the pile of clothes now in my wardrobe. The top at the left hand corner is a sheer fabric which is really pretty. The pic to my left is like this cute nautical dress which is gonna be great in the summer. A nice cotton dress is always what im looking for and this one (bottom left) is really cute and pretty, the pockets at the front make it really cute too. And then there's the lace top with padded shoulders which I really like. Taking a picture of all 27 garments would take a bit of time so theses are just my 4 that I really liked. Basically I am a very happy girl, thats my summer wardrobe done. Anyway i thought that i'd just share that with you all.