Sunday, 17 February 2013

Avon Perfect Kiss Lipstick


Ok so as a lipstick wearer I thought i'd try out some new colours. So I bought a couple of colours from Avon. This one that Im going to review is 'Fuchsia Flirt' which is like a hot pink. This was a bit more daring than what I usually wear but I thought I might as well give it a go. This one was in the sale so its a bit cheaper than what it is probably now so you'll have to check. I've bough a Perfect Kiss lipstick before and they are really great. The colour is what looks like in the tube there's nothing more annoying then thinking you've found a nice colour and then testing it out to find it another shade/ colour. They leave your lips feeling moisturised. It does come off when your eating certain foods but alot of lipsticks do that so I wasnt too fussed. This gives your lips a smooth and shimmery look so if its a matte lipstick your after this isn't the one for you. Avon products generally are fab and at pretty good prices too. This range has loads of colours to choose from so go and have a look.

Because my mum works for Avon she's able to get samples of colours which are these tiny lipsticks which are so cute. Whether you can get samples if you ask im not to sure but you can get it in normal size anyway. Another colour I wanted to give a go from Perfect Kiss was the 'Natural Glow'. As you can see its like a soft nude colour. The review is basically the same for the one above. This is one that is starting to grow on me the more I look at it. It does make your lips look pale which sometimes doesn't look good but its only to try out. I could use this colour just to mix with other colours which can be interesting. I dont think I would quite buy the full  version but thats just me.

So have you tried any new lipstick shades? 

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