Thursday, 7 February 2013

Free Clothes :)


Ok so there's one thing better than buying new clothes and thats getting them free. Ok so they're second hand but that really doesn't  bother me. Yesterday the house my dad was working out was throwing out clothes, including his daughter which luckily is the same size as me. I got 27 pieces of clothes which was really cool. Just to pick out these are my 4 favourite from the pile of clothes now in my wardrobe. The top at the left hand corner is a sheer fabric which is really pretty. The pic to my left is like this cute nautical dress which is gonna be great in the summer. A nice cotton dress is always what im looking for and this one (bottom left) is really cute and pretty, the pockets at the front make it really cute too. And then there's the lace top with padded shoulders which I really like. Taking a picture of all 27 garments would take a bit of time so theses are just my 4 that I really liked. Basically I am a very happy girl, thats my summer wardrobe done. Anyway i thought that i'd just share that with you all.




  1. Wah u r so lucky, anyway, I like that black lace top :) i'm your newest follower, hope we can follow each other :)


    1. Save me having to buy anything for quite a bit lol. Thank you and sure ill follow u now :) x