Sunday, 17 February 2013

Avon Beauty Balm

Ok so a product that's been on my list is a BB cream so when I saw than Avon were doing one I thought I might as well grab it. At the moment its not out but the next campaign It should be out. The packaging I think it really nice and grown up, I love the three colours of the black, white and hot pink. Im really happy with this product its makes my skin look and feel really good. There's a couple of shades to choose from which is good so you can have one that actually matches your skin tone. Having it on made my cheeks quite soft which I loved. As a beauty balm it was soft and smooth unlike those thick foundations. I've only just learnt after putting a bit on under the sun light that there's a touch of sparkle in it so in the sun you will be glowing. It has SPF which a cool thing to have. The only bad thing was the amount of air it had inside the tube, I squeezed a bit before the cream came out but thats like alot of things now a days. I am really please with this product and I do recommend it. When it comes out to the customers I will update this post to tell you how much it cost.

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