Thursday, 31 May 2012

proud to be british

My Fashion Icon

Stooshe is one of those fashion icons that are just amazing. You can tell they are a fun, loud bunch of girls by what they wear. I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't dare some of the thing they wear if I had confidence. Fashion is about making a statement and this is what they do. What I love about them as fashion icons is that even though they all have quirky sense of style they have their own individual stamp on their outfits. Why I love them as fashion icons is because they are fun with their outfits. They were crazy, bright and very patterned outfits which I personally love. Alexandra and Karis are the two more girly ones, wearing blinding patterned dresses. I think out of all of them I would most likely be seen wearing something that Alexandra would wear. Whereas Kourtney is the tom-boy of the group, which even as sort of girly girl I love. Even with her tom-boy style she adds that bit of girlyness with the bright colours and patterns. These amazing girls get heads turning even before opening their mouths to talk or sing. They're not so much someone I get inspired by but someone who I idolise for putting their stamp in fashion. I love all their outfits they've put together, I love the colours and patterns. They've brought back thats 1980's feel with a very modern twist. I love what they wear, just not on me... well not everything. I look forward to seeing pictures of them on the red carpet because I know they'll look amazing. They are my amazing, quirky fun fashion icons.

Stooshe Stooshe attending the UK Premiere of "Avengers Assemble" held at Westfield Vue cinema in London. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Shopping Trip

So I just came back from shopping with my mum and came back with some shorts and tee's. The shirts are actually from the guys section in primark as getting baggy t-shirts just for lazy-ing about is a bit hard in the women's section. Big t-shirts just make it that much more comfortable plus the 2 patterned tops are a really nice summery material, quite nice and thin. And then there's my cute mickey mouse t-shirt which I love as I do love Disney. In total the tops were £20. I needed shorts for home and I found these extremely cute shorts in the children's section. I think my favourite one is the floral one. I'm small anyway so they luckily fit me, who says being small is a bad thing. They too were also from primark at the cost of only £6 which is pretty good. On my shopping trip I just had to take a look in Dorothy Perkins, not for the clothes but to look at a stunning jewellery collection they have from 'ribbon and Asher'. I loved the whole collection but only got away with 1 beautiful price of jewellery. I was soo lucky to go in at a time where alot of the collection was half price; I got my bracelet at £5 from £10. This collection is a must see, check out the website. Anyway I went in for a bracelet ring and left with one, it's a piece of jewellery that connects a ring and a bracelet, it's just stunning. Well that's what I got in my shopping trip in total my mum spent about £47, well that's what mums are for <3

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

This is an amazing idea, I dont really liked ripped jeans but putting some lace tights
underneath makes them look amazing. Experimenting with different styles of tights
would be cool, imagine neon tights...

Monday, 28 May 2012

My Designs

So I thought I would design some dresses and here they are. I guess they're quite party-ish dresses maybe slightly going into prom dresses. I dont really like adding colour so they're just black and white at the moment. I think my favourite idea is the last one, with lots of pattern and a chiffon over-dress piece. 
So what do you think of them? What one would you wear and where too?

Saturday, 26 May 2012

W7 Face Primer

Hello, hope you're all enjoying the sun.
Ok so, today I received a parcel from 'aqua' who send me a 'W7' primer. I love getting parcels as I feel very special and it means I get to try something new and write about it.So until today I have never used a primer, but there's always a day to start something new.

There's not alot you can say with this product because it is a simple product but there was something to say about it. To start with I really liked the packaging, it looks like something you'd find in a make-up artists bag.  It sort of has this camera/film theme with the camera tape (cant remember actual name) around the tube with the name "Camera Ready" on it. Also I like the fact that it tells you what it does on the back of the tube, not all products have that. I knew what the product did and what I was looking for. Its really hard to describe the texture it jelly but it feels like there some tiny little bits in it. It was easy to apply on your face, it wasnt too sticky or too runny. After applying it my face did feel smoother, which had made me keep on feeling my face since I got it. Like it said on the package it left my face feeling "smooth and flawless. I love everything about this product.
The product sells for £4.95, they sell at and at new look

I need to thank the lovely Harriet Stevens for sending me this product to review.
Is there a fab product that you think i should review? Let me know

Friday, 25 May 2012

Just some nails

Here's just a couple of images of nails that I like. They're quite summery and fun.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

For my birthday I got this really nice blue bracelet and it was so nice that I thought I'd buy some and do a giveaway. Ones blue and ones purple (as you can see). it's a stretchy bracelet so it should fit anyone. They are made with my favourite Swarovski beads which mean they sparkle in the sun like crazy.

To make this interesting i thought that id'e make it into a competition, all you have to do is design a crop corset. I've done a template so all you have to do is print it off and get designing. I know some of you are probably thinking great i can't draw how am i going to do this well just try and have a go, what else you can do is design it using Photoshop/computer software. There's no limits to the designing part you can draw or use a computer. Remember i will judge the design idea not how professional it looks. If i have missed out anything just post a comment below. There will be 2 winners i will pick from.

Post you entries (1 per person please) to: (my email from when i was 12, don't judge) Along with you're name and email address. This competition is only open to people in the uk.
Hope you have fun designing and tell your friends, Good Luck to everyone.
Oh yeah and competition closes on 3rd june 11th at 12:00am. 


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Jeffrey Campbell's designed by me

Today I came up with the idea of designing a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes which are awesome. This was done by getting a Jeffrey Campbell shoe onto Photoshop and then deleting the inside design to get an outline.  I then drew on the outline to make it thicker and able to select the middle section. I selected the middle and then started playing around as you can see. I then pasted a picture of the same Jeffrey Campbell shoe on-top of the design, then rubbed it out but minimizing the opacity so you could see the pattern that i designed and the structure of the shoe. This was basically it, it was really fun and a simpler way of designing. At the top is an outline of the Jeffrey Campbell shoe if you want to click and print out. Not going to lie I think they all look amazing but my favourite one is the last one, the jigsaw cheetah print one. This has given me the idea to experiment with other pieces of clothes even nails. I'm not the best at Photoshop so this is the best i could do.
What one is your favourite? (dont have to have an account to comment btw)
Maybe you could have a go at designing your own pair.

caviar manicure

I was looking on tumblr and saw a picture of these. I thought they were extremely cool,
they were sophisticated and very decorative. Its not something that you see everyday.
They came about when Ciate's creative designer wanted to create 3Dimentional nails
for a photo shoot. They were so beautiful that she created a set for you to create that look
yourself. I check out the website and they have a set of 3 different colours. They have
 "mother of pearl", "black pearls" and "rainbow", i actually love them all they all create
different looks. The set that they sell contains one pot of the beads and then one pot of
a base colour; but to be honest you could use another coloured base with the different
 beads. I think they are so cute as they look like sprinkles. They would look amazing
for a party or a wedding.
On the website the set is for £18.00, which is quite pricey but they look amaizing and
 look very glamorous and sophisticated.

Ciate website:

Becasue im nice, here is a link where you can get it cheaper: