Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Shopping Trip

So I just came back from shopping with my mum and came back with some shorts and tee's. The shirts are actually from the guys section in primark as getting baggy t-shirts just for lazy-ing about is a bit hard in the women's section. Big t-shirts just make it that much more comfortable plus the 2 patterned tops are a really nice summery material, quite nice and thin. And then there's my cute mickey mouse t-shirt which I love as I do love Disney. In total the tops were £20. I needed shorts for home and I found these extremely cute shorts in the children's section. I think my favourite one is the floral one. I'm small anyway so they luckily fit me, who says being small is a bad thing. They too were also from primark at the cost of only £6 which is pretty good. On my shopping trip I just had to take a look in Dorothy Perkins, not for the clothes but to look at a stunning jewellery collection they have from 'ribbon and Asher'. I loved the whole collection but only got away with 1 beautiful price of jewellery. I was soo lucky to go in at a time where alot of the collection was half price; I got my bracelet at £5 from £10. This collection is a must see, check out the website. Anyway I went in for a bracelet ring and left with one, it's a piece of jewellery that connects a ring and a bracelet, it's just stunning. Well that's what I got in my shopping trip in total my mum spent about £47, well that's what mums are for <3

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