Saturday, 26 May 2012

W7 Face Primer

Hello, hope you're all enjoying the sun.
Ok so, today I received a parcel from 'aqua' who send me a 'W7' primer. I love getting parcels as I feel very special and it means I get to try something new and write about it.So until today I have never used a primer, but there's always a day to start something new.

There's not alot you can say with this product because it is a simple product but there was something to say about it. To start with I really liked the packaging, it looks like something you'd find in a make-up artists bag.  It sort of has this camera/film theme with the camera tape (cant remember actual name) around the tube with the name "Camera Ready" on it. Also I like the fact that it tells you what it does on the back of the tube, not all products have that. I knew what the product did and what I was looking for. Its really hard to describe the texture it jelly but it feels like there some tiny little bits in it. It was easy to apply on your face, it wasnt too sticky or too runny. After applying it my face did feel smoother, which had made me keep on feeling my face since I got it. Like it said on the package it left my face feeling "smooth and flawless. I love everything about this product.
The product sells for £4.95, they sell at and at new look

I need to thank the lovely Harriet Stevens for sending me this product to review.
Is there a fab product that you think i should review? Let me know

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