Saturday, 15 December 2012

Lashizzle Eye Lashes


Hello lovely readers, hope winter hasn't treated you too badly. Today when i came home i received a parcel and as everyone know excitement kicks in even if you know what it is. So imagine the excitement when the parcel is PINK, now i'm not super girly but having a pink parcel makes you feel a bit more girly and happy. I opened it up and inside was a wrapped parcel in this super cute striped paper bag with a heart sticker. You can see how pretty it was by the pictures below. Just that much more detail can really make the product just that more lovable. So moving away from the super cute packaging onto the eyelashes. First of all i'll take quickly about the glue you get. I have another eyelash glue and its in a perfume sample bottle that you get and its a bit annoying to open as you need a bit of force and then  you don't want the glue to get on you. The other i have doesn't stick as well which isn't great. This glue is easy to open and the applicator is not messy to use. The last thing you want it for your eyelashes for fall off right. 

Now to the eyelashes themselves. I have 3 pair of eyelashes and i think these maybe my favourite. The one i got to sample was natural but bold at the same time for for a glamed up casual look. I wore the eyelashes and omg they were so light you couldn't feel them on. Obviously you need to put them on so they don't irritate you or sitting on a crease or the actual eyelash line. They were amazing and I know if I were to were these out there would be no problem what so ever.
If you like the look of my lashes the are 'Love Lashes - 916', from £8.99 to £4.00
Along with my lashes there was a little note with a discount code, hopefully this post has pursued you to get them.
For 15% off any of the 'Love Lashes' range enter love-15 before the new years. At the moment P&P is only £1 if you spend under £15 and free if you spend over. There are loads of lashes from the 'LoveLashes' range, from natural to a bit of glitter.
How about getting them for someone as a gift, I know if I got a bag of these I would love the person forever.
Check out their website and tell me what you think..
Happy Holidays :)  

Sunday, 2 December 2012

MotelRocks Christmas Sample Sale

Ok so let me begin by telling you that are doing a sample sale where sample clothes are going to be sold at ridiculous low prices. Forget 50%off they're giving you 90% off so you can get pieces from as little as £3. They are great for party season especially with Christmas literally round the corner. It's taking place on the 6th and 7th of December which is this Thursday and Friday. The first 10 people to get their will get a motelrocks goody bag with £10 to spend. Its going to be on 10am-7pm but defo go early to grab all the best things. I am hoping to help out on the both days so if you come and see me say hi. Its going to be mad but great for HUGE bargains.
Motel Showroom, 71-73 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LP