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New Look

New Look - from H&M

Products in this look:

5-pack stockings, Shoes, Top, Dress, Ring, 5-pack bracelet, Earrings, Leather bagH;amp;
I really love this dress, I think the colours are beautiful together. I accessorised this look by adding gold bangles, a brown bag, brown shoes and feather earing. The gold and browns match with this dress nicely. Adding a white top and a pair of white socks makes the outfit seem more girly and cute.
This is going to be one of my favourite post's as what im going to tell you about it beyond amazing. One of my fashion teachers does nail art and she is amazing. This is nail art on another level, and you can see by the pictures.I dont think there's anything she cant do, she does Aztec, floral, tribal, portraits and more. I get blown away with all of the things she designs. If you want a set of nails inspired by Christmas she can do it, if you want a set of nails for a summer holiday she can do it.Theses are just a couple of pictures of the nails she has designed, she can design what you like.Just looking at the "Music Icon" set of nails you can see how talented she is. And the fact that she paint them herself is just something else. You need to visit her links to see all her other pictures. If you want crazy, colourful and decorative nails then this woman is the one to get in touch with. This is the best woman to get you nails done so please go give her a visit, and if you love her stuff why not buy a set.

Black and White Orly Day and Night nail art with DayGlow and Afterparty by Scratch Dollface

Candy Pastel nail designs
Rainbow tribal nails by Scratch Dollface

Contact Info:
Twitter: @ScratchDollFace

The British soap awards took place yesterday and will be shown this Wednesday. I have seen the pictures and im going to talk about some of the outfits that I like.

British Soap Awards 2012: Michelle Keegan

First beautiful dress that I saw was on the beautiful Michelle Keegan. The one shoulder full length style gives it that glamorous look. I absolutely love the colour, its a navy blue with lots of sparkle. Imagine what shoes she's wearing underneath. Michelle is stunning already so with that dress she looks even more beautiful, there is nothing else more to say.

British Soap Awards 2012: Catherine Tyldesley 

Next dress was worn by Catherine Tyldesley. I think that she looks stunning in this dress. Again another lovely colour, the baby pink really compliments the skin tone. The sweetheart neckline gives it even more girlyness look. The dress is very simple with only a bit of the material pleated at the top for detail. The fitted dress gives shows of her lovely figure. She went for the simple look by only adding a small bracelet and a stunning pair of earrings, I think a necklace would have just added that finishing touch.

Here comes Charlie Brooks in a rocking red number. She rocked out on the red carpet wearing this cute red dress. The big ruffles on the dress adds that but of cute and girlyness to the dress. The fiery red goes really well with her and her character on EastEnders. She has binged it up with some gold accessories and a killer pair of leather shoes. To finish it off I would have added a thick black belt just to give that rock look and to go with the black shoes. 

British Soap Awards 2012: Jacqueline Jossa 

Next amazingly sparkly dress is worn by the lovely Jacqueline Jossa. First I thought wow what a dress and then wowed again as I realised who it was. She looks so different from her on-screen character Lauren Branning in EastEnders. She looks absolutely amazing, the dress shows of her lovely figure. I also really like the colour of the dress is a sort of white gold colour. I love how this dress is covered in sparkle it's dead glamorous. I wouldn't mind owning this dress to be honest. With her hair curly and down she looks stunning. She doesn't need any accessories to complete this beautiful dress.

To check out who wore what check out:

1 skirt, 4 looks

1 skirt, 4 looks

I have created a board showing 4 different styles using the same skirt. The skirt is a smile black chiffon skirt which I love. The first look is just adding cheetah print top,bracelet and shoes to create a wild yet slightly girly look. Next look is going into the florals, pairing the black skirt with a floral blue top and very cute shoes. This cute look also has a blue rose ring and bangles. The next look is more of a layed back, comfy outfit. This outfit is made up of a baggy jumper, nude shoes, a cute bow necklace and a black bangle. The nude and black really compliments each other. The last look is nerdy chick which is dead cute. This look is made up from the same black skirt, white shirt, braces, nerd glasses and a killer pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes. It shows that you can have 1 base garment and add different tops to create different looks. Which one is your favourite?

No7 High Shine Lip Gloss

I got a new lip gloss a couple of weeks back and have not stop using it since. It comes in several shades but the one I got is 'whisper' which is a pearly brown,nude colour. This colour doesn't add much colour to my lips but gives it a pearly finish which I like.I guess for different people's lip colour it will look slightly different. Personally I think if your going for a natural look then this is really nice. The applicator isn't like other ones I have its actually a small brush which gives you more control where the lip gloss goes on your lips. Its 6mls and £9.00 a bit pricey but its really good. If your just trying out colour I would suggest this one but there are several other colours to choose from which look lovely.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

I think long skirts will be making it's way into this years summer trends. Changing the top you wear it with you'll get different looks. I found this picture and I just love the colour of the skirt. What do you think about long skirts?

Friday, 27 April 2012

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick

 This is an amazing lipstick I brought last year from Avon. I was going through a faze and trying out different colours of lipsticks. This by far is the best quality lipstick I have ever bought. This colour is a gorgeous red, if you want red lipstick and not a slightly darker red or pinky red get this product. The colour is soo vibrant and its a shame you cant see just how much from the photos, but believe when I say the colour is booming. Unlike most of my lipsticks this lipstick moistures your lips, slightly like lip-gloss I would say. It feels amazing when its on, the name of the product definitely says it all. Its really nice as there is a slight shimmer from the moisture so it doesn't look like you have dry red lips. You NEED to try this lipstick I dont think I'll find a person who would tell me they dont like how this product looks or feels, it's a top product. Maybe your not as daring as me and would want to go for a softer colour, well go onto the Avon website and check out the colours. Or maybe ask for a small sample to try out there only like 20-30p (not 100% sure). If you want bold, luscious lips then you have to buy this. And guess what they have only just gone down £3.50 in price and is currently only £5.00, for quality this is amazing. 

check out the link for more colours and even review, if you try it out let me know.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Just came back from a fete and I brought some bracelets and got henna on my hand which looks stunning. The bracelets were a lovely colour and made from swarovski crystal beads which means they sparkle in the light. Took some photos,which i have to say look pretty amazing.

Friday, 20 April 2012

So which amazing blogger is going to tell you about amazing products for you to check out?? MEE
So i did some stumbling on a website and found these pretty quirky eyelashes. For those who like big, bonkers fake eyelashes then keep on reading. I found out that this make of eyelashes were used for the XFactor tour 2012 for Little Mix, Amelia and Misha B. There were only 8 sets on the website but they were quite cool.
Shimmer Twins Red Cluster Heart LashesShimmer Twins Small Gold StarsShimmer Twins Sequin Jekyll LashesShimmer Twins Purple Scatter Heart LashesShimmer Twins Sequin Hyde LashesShimmer Twins Black LashesShimmer Twins Spike Jamie LashesShimmer Twins Sequin Twiggy Lashes If big is what you want then these sets of eyelashes are for you. My favourite one i would say would be the silver squares one, imagine the party lights hitting on them. I can see why these were used on the tour. They are between £8-£15 so if you want them head over to

If i were a rich girl...

Though that would be a  great heading for  this post, seing as i'm going to talk about Jeffrey Campbell's shoe collection. By now most of you would know about this bold shoe collection filled with so much colour and pattern. I thought i'd just do a small post on some of my favourite designs.

These are the ones that i quite like, i like the crazy styles you can get. Looking at them depending on the pattern and outfit you can create different looks. The first one with the cream lace is quite girly compared to the rocking blue and black lace one. I couldn't help but fall in love with the sparkly one, maybe a slightly bit tacky but i'm a sucker for sparkles. I love the colour of the plain ones, the deep,royal purple and light turquoise. Anyone who gets these are definitely going to be looking rocking. This shoe also adds crazy height, which for me is amazing as i'm quite small... any excused for a killer pair of shoes.