Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I was on the website and stumbled across something quite cool, temporary tattoos. They're the ones that you rub over water and it transfers onto you. I know it sounds like im about to get you to look at theses kids tattoos but actually really decorative tattoos that you would actually go and get done.So they dont look exactly like a real tattoo but its the next best thing. There are so many designs on the website, from a peacock feather to a replica of a tattoo of Cheryl Coles wrist tattoo. Just check it out, these are transfer tattoo but not of little hippos but of really nice detailed patterns and pictures. Here are a few to show you the range of tattoos that you can buy and at a great price. Wear them just to maybe try out the look of having a tattoo, or even just to impress you friends.

    Birdcage Hummingbird   Ace of spades tatt
                (99p)                                                       (£2.49)                                          (£1.49)                          

    Pow tatt
   (£2.49)                                                     (£1.49)                                                                      (£1.49)

Rose stencil  
     (£1.99)                                                       (£1.99)

 Told you these were amazing, there are soo much more on the site so if your interested then check out the website .If any of you gets them please let me know. Here are how it looks once it applied onto the body.



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