Friday, 20 April 2012

So which amazing blogger is going to tell you about amazing products for you to check out?? MEE
So i did some stumbling on a website and found these pretty quirky eyelashes. For those who like big, bonkers fake eyelashes then keep on reading. I found out that this make of eyelashes were used for the XFactor tour 2012 for Little Mix, Amelia and Misha B. There were only 8 sets on the website but they were quite cool.
Shimmer Twins Red Cluster Heart LashesShimmer Twins Small Gold StarsShimmer Twins Sequin Jekyll LashesShimmer Twins Purple Scatter Heart LashesShimmer Twins Sequin Hyde LashesShimmer Twins Black LashesShimmer Twins Spike Jamie LashesShimmer Twins Sequin Twiggy Lashes If big is what you want then these sets of eyelashes are for you. My favourite one i would say would be the silver squares one, imagine the party lights hitting on them. I can see why these were used on the tour. They are between £8-£15 so if you want them head over to

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