Thursday, 5 April 2012

I just went on he forever21 website to take a look at their stuff and came across their new tribal jewellery. This is great as tribal and Aztec is making it this summer so its worth taking a look. Theres a lot of rustic silver and turquoise coloured stones.

How amazing is this necklace and for only £10.65, its a statement piece. I love the dangling pieces on the necklace,it creates movement. This would look really nice on a Aztec print dress or a simple dress.

This bracelet is beautiful, I love the colour of the faux marble beads. The size of the bracelet also means that it is going to stand out and look great. This will add a that bit of colour to a black and white Aztec or tribal dress. This piece is £8.99, a bit pricey but really lovely and slightly old looking.

Love these earrings, the beads at the top creates a lovely tribal feel to it. And again with the length of the earrings you will be creating a statement. I love the colour of the beads on top the golden brown and light blue. These beautifully crafted earrings are £5.65.

I love rings and this one is really vintages looking with the darkened silver. And in the middle a lovely coloured faux stone. The size again will create a statement look on your hands and will look amazing with your outfit. The ring is a stretchy ring so threes no bending the ring to fit your finger size.

There are a couple more pieces of jewellery on the website so take a look.

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