Friday, 20 April 2012

If i were a rich girl...

Though that would be a  great heading for  this post, seing as i'm going to talk about Jeffrey Campbell's shoe collection. By now most of you would know about this bold shoe collection filled with so much colour and pattern. I thought i'd just do a small post on some of my favourite designs.

These are the ones that i quite like, i like the crazy styles you can get. Looking at them depending on the pattern and outfit you can create different looks. The first one with the cream lace is quite girly compared to the rocking blue and black lace one. I couldn't help but fall in love with the sparkly one, maybe a slightly bit tacky but i'm a sucker for sparkles. I love the colour of the plain ones, the deep,royal purple and light turquoise. Anyone who gets these are definitely going to be looking rocking. This shoe also adds crazy height, which for me is amazing as i'm quite small... any excused for a killer pair of shoes.

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