Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day to Night

Day to Night

Dorothy Perkins vintage day dress
$45 -

Jean jacket
$35 -

Pleaser high heel pumps
$80 -

Strappy wedge
£8 -

Ted baker bag
£69 -

Oval diamond ring
$20 -

Red flower adjustable ring
$16 -

H&M chain earrings
£2.99 -

Maybelline makeup
£99 -

$6 -

Nail polish
£23 -

I took this cute blue dress and used it as a base for a day to night look. Taking something that you'd wear in the day time and turning it to a party outfit for the evening is easy. Not going to lie I dont know when you'd need to do this but if you do here's how to do it. As you can see the daytime look is more subtle and more of the colour pallet of this sky blue.  The feather earring and gladiator sandles gives it that really summery feel to the whole outfit. Also as i've said time and time again pastels are going to be big in this years summer fashion. The denim jacket is there if it's a bit chilly, in England you never know how the weathers going to be like. Then the glamour comes out in the evening look. I chose to use the colour red to build up the accessories for two reason, one because the belt that comes with the dress is red and two because its a firey colour. On this type of look i went big, with big statement shoes, ring and necklace which I love. Taking the red to build up the accessories shows you're here for a good time. Its very simple how you can take one dress and make two looks maybe even more. Any of the products you can buy by clicking the small icons under the picture. 

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