Friday, 27 April 2012

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick

 This is an amazing lipstick I brought last year from Avon. I was going through a faze and trying out different colours of lipsticks. This by far is the best quality lipstick I have ever bought. This colour is a gorgeous red, if you want red lipstick and not a slightly darker red or pinky red get this product. The colour is soo vibrant and its a shame you cant see just how much from the photos, but believe when I say the colour is booming. Unlike most of my lipsticks this lipstick moistures your lips, slightly like lip-gloss I would say. It feels amazing when its on, the name of the product definitely says it all. Its really nice as there is a slight shimmer from the moisture so it doesn't look like you have dry red lips. You NEED to try this lipstick I dont think I'll find a person who would tell me they dont like how this product looks or feels, it's a top product. Maybe your not as daring as me and would want to go for a softer colour, well go onto the Avon website and check out the colours. Or maybe ask for a small sample to try out there only like 20-30p (not 100% sure). If you want bold, luscious lips then you have to buy this. And guess what they have only just gone down £3.50 in price and is currently only £5.00, for quality this is amazing. 

check out the link for more colours and even review, if you try it out let me know.


  1. I'm really considering buying it because you make it sound so good and since the price is dropped I don't see why not. ;)


  2. literally the best lipstick I have bought :)(you're my 1st commenter btw) xx