Sunday, 29 April 2012

This is going to be one of my favourite post's as what im going to tell you about it beyond amazing. One of my fashion teachers does nail art and she is amazing. This is nail art on another level, and you can see by the pictures.I dont think there's anything she cant do, she does Aztec, floral, tribal, portraits and more. I get blown away with all of the things she designs. If you want a set of nails inspired by Christmas she can do it, if you want a set of nails for a summer holiday she can do it.Theses are just a couple of pictures of the nails she has designed, she can design what you like.Just looking at the "Music Icon" set of nails you can see how talented she is. And the fact that she paint them herself is just something else. You need to visit her links to see all her other pictures. If you want crazy, colourful and decorative nails then this woman is the one to get in touch with. This is the best woman to get you nails done so please go give her a visit, and if you love her stuff why not buy a set.

Black and White Orly Day and Night nail art with DayGlow and Afterparty by Scratch Dollface

Candy Pastel nail designs
Rainbow tribal nails by Scratch Dollface

Contact Info:
Twitter: @ScratchDollFace

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