Thursday, 12 April 2012

As I was looking through a magazine I saw an ad for a new collection in Dorothy Perkins called 'Ribbon & Asher'. Its a jewellery collection which cannot be described but as stunning. There quite ethnic (I think is the word) looking, so pocohuntas and Indian styles of jewellery. I think you'll understand with pictures so I picked out 3 of the pieces that I like the most, and I like quite a lot of them. They are really glamorous and stunning, I think they would go well with an outfit for going somewhere really posh, a wedding or even prom. I think most of the pieces are stunning and would add that decorative yet simple sparkle touch to an outfit. If you like what you see please check out the website:

First piece of jewellery is this beautiful set of rings. I love the range of colour and they all mix so well. As you can see you can wear them altogether or I think you can wear them individually. I just think the colours are beautiful and slightly vintage looking. This will make up a nice black dress or even a patterned dress. I would use this will a natural/nude coloured palette. They are £12.50.

Here we have another stunning piece of jewellery, the beauty is in the detailed design and pattern of the bracelet. Inside each of the pieces is a pastel, diamond that adds a but more glamour. This is something you have to wear on its own because its that stunning. There's something slightly Aztec about it, which i've said is in this summer. Personally I see this working wonders with a simple long/short black dress. This beautiful bracelet is £10.00 a little bit more pricey than your average bracelet.

This beautiful necklace is made up of pearls and crystal beads and is £12.50. This necklace is really nice, I like the mix of all the different beads. Its really pretty and yet quite glamorous, this is the type of jewellery that you'd wear for maybe a glamorous party or even a wedding. These pieces is the collections are so stunning and adds just that bit of sparkle to complete an outfit.

I said  I would comment on three of my favourite pieces but I thought I'd add in this piece to show a variety. This piece is another stunning one I love the length of it, to give is that funky but yet dead glamorous. You cant see it in the picture as much but the circles are actually made up of faceted crystal beads, in the zoomed in picture they look like they're really going to sparkle. This pair of earring are quite elegant rather then youthful so a long dress would be great with these. If you want statement but not costume and tacky then this is the pair for you. These beautiful earring comes up to a price of £12.50.

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