Friday, 6 April 2012

Ok so  today I stumbled across this website and there is alot of really nice clothes and at good prices.

This shirt is really cool, I think chiffon shirts are really nice and summery. I love this shirt because of the cheetah print piping, Sometimes too much cheetah print can took a bit tacky to some people but I love it. I would wear with just a pair of jeans and if you can get some cheetah print shoes then you've got yourself a killer outfit. This shirt is £13.99.

These are really eye-catching and really funky. There's not much more you can say really but I would wear this with a simple black or coloured shirt. There's funky leggings are £5.99.

As you can probably tell I quite like prints and patterns and this top is rocking. I love the look of the sketch black and white pattern that covers the top. I would wear with legging and if you really want a rockin outfit then go for some leather leggings and platforms. You could also add some colour to the outfit by wearing coloured accessories. Another great price this top is £7.99.

This chiffon chain print blouse is £13.99, There's something about the print that makes it seem a little bit expensive, I think it could be the gold print. This blouse is really cute with it having no sleeves and it being tied up at the front. I could see this working with a long skirt or just jeans and some heels. This top would really do with some big,chunky gold bangles.

This Gold Lip Crop Top is only £3.99. I quite like this top, I like the style and the big golden lips on the front. I hate to use the word swag but personally I think this top has it. I think these would go really nice with some harem trousers or skinny jeans. Some gold heels will really add some glamour to your outfit.

A really nice pair of trousers that are £19.99. I quite like the shape of these trouser there not too baggy yet there to skinny. I also like the colour of the trousers. Any shirt or top will go really with these trousers. Im not 100% sure on the creased look of the trouser but they might look different when they are put on.

This bell sleeve bodysuit is only £9.99 which is a really good price. I really like bell sleeve there's something really glamorous and girly about them. I think this would be paired with a long floaty skirt to create that floaty feel. Then again you could wear with jeans with the top adding that bit of glamour. This would be  accessorised with some bold necklace and rings.

This is only a small pieces that I personally really liked from the website. The prices are amazing and theses aren't even from the sale part so if you want to look great at a good price then head over to the website. Happy shopping

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