Sunday, 1 April 2012

Yesterday was Nickelodeon's 25th Kids Choice Awards which was held at Galen Centre in Los Angeles,California. The night was filled with celebs, performances, awards and a bit of goo. The Award ceremony doesn't air until later today but I thought I would do a blog post about the fashion on the 'orange' carpet. I have to say I think at this event everyone did look amazing and that nobody got it terribly wrong. There was a lot of summery trends and colours on the carpet which I loved.

Emma Stone - Nickelodeon's 25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Red Carpet
Here we have Emma Stone in a baby pink dress.This simple dress gives her a girly and pretty look. The colour of the dress compliments her skin tone well. She even did well with her the rest of her outfit, wearing a nude colour pair of shoes and having a subtle but  glowing make-up. Also the wavy hair makes her look that much prettier. She did well and looked stunning, her outfit could be described like a soft pink rose.

Ashley Tisdale - Nickelodeon's 25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals
This is a dress that I absolutely loved from the event, it fits in with this years fashion trends as its layers with a salmon pink chiffon material. Its a very girly and floaty dress which creates and sping/summer feel. I also like the pattern of the underneath material, its like a burnt tie-dye sort of pattern. Its a very girly yet she adds a  bit of rock by pairing the dress with black rockin heels, a clutch and belt. The black accessories brings out the colour of the dress as well as the belt cinching in her waist. Having the dress cut at different lengths gives the dress more of a youthful and fun feel. You could probably create this style by pairing a chiffon dress or shirt with a dress which wont be hard as both are a fashion trend.

This girl looks absolutely stunning, quite like an Egyptian goddess if im honest. This dress is a lovely dress, I think the colour is really nice. The orange isn't to in your face and is a real summer trend colour. She has made the outfit that much more glamorous with stunning yet simple pieces of gold jewellery. Its a very elegant and glamorous look for the even. Also her dark and smoky eyes make up that stunning goddess look. I dont this outfit could do with anything more or anything less, she just looks stunning. This colour will definitely be seen in the summer.

This girl looks so pretty in this cute yellow dress. Another summer colour making its way on the carpet at the kids choice awards. I just love the simplicity of this outfit, the only decoration on this dress is the rose on the top of the dress.  She is someone who can get away with wearing a simple cute dress.  Again I love the colour of the dress, its very summery and subtle. I love how she has paired it with a very gorgeous pair of gold strapped shoes, its adds a bit of glamour into the outfit. She also has only got a small diamond necklace to add a bit of sparkle. This is a very cute and youthful look which I love and can see working its way into our closets for the summer parties.

There was no point in this post about the kids choice awards without the mention on the fabulous Katy Perry. This was a very bright, 1920's inspired, very green outfit for the even yesterday but this is Katy Perry. It is very crazy but I do slightly love it, with the goo on her top and the bright green shoes. Its a shame that she didn't get gooed at the ceremony as it would have added that extra bit to her outfit. Something that I do love from this look is her amazing hair.I love the 2 tone mix of blue and purple, it really suits her but then again what wouldn't. This fantastic woman could literally go any colour and she would pull its off. This is a very weird yet slightly cute look.

Kiernan Shipka
It wasn't just the older girls that were looks stunning at the kids choice awards, but 12 year old Kiernan Shipka. I saw this picture and just thought how cute she looked its pretty and simple which is just right for her seeing as she is 12. I love this shift, soft pink dress its so pretty on her and wouldn't mind having something like this dress in my wardrobe. She sweetly completes her look with a a pair of nude coloured ballet pumps and has her hair tied up in a ballerina bun. I love just how sweet she looks and she's not dressing as if she's older. I love what she's wearing now so I cant wait to see with what she comes out later on in the future.

Take a look at what everyone else was wearing on the night.

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