Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Having a go at digital fashion illustration

 Ok so yesterday I had a go at digital fashion illustrations because I think they look so cool and its another creative skill. I drew my design first and then scanned it into the computer and coloured it using Photoshop. I was pretty please with what I had achieved. The one i did first was the one on the left and then the one on the left was done today. I definitely think with practice I will get better. Maybe not as good as the ones other people do but I'll have my own style. Before someone asks if I drew the floral pattern no Its a picture I layered it underneath to create that look. It does take more time to Photoshop it than colour it in by hand but I think it looks pretty cool and a little professional.

So do you digital illustrate? Have any tips?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

RIP Selena Quintantilla

Ok So I was meant to blog this yesterday as it was her birthday but I completely forgot and only just remembered. Selena was a 90's American Latin Singer performing with her band including her brother, sister and future partner. She was such an inspiration and still to this day her music still lives on. I knew of her from watching biographical film which starred J Lo. The film documents her rise to fame starting from when she was a young girl. Its defo a great film to watch. She was named "top Latin Artist of the 90's" and "Best Selling Latin Artist of the Decade" as well as having 14 top 10 singles. Even at a young age it was like outfits that she wore that caught my eye. Some of which I believe she designed herself which is really cool. Boy did she rock her sparkly bralets. There's one part in the film that I love where shes performing this one song but in several locations and wearing a different outfits. So as well as a performing Icon she was a fashion Icon. In actual fact it was her that got me into dark brown lipsticks. I always thought it looked great on her and so I went and bought myself one. From what I know Selena only got to do 2 English songs before she died April 18th 1971 ages 23. Even though I don't understand a word of Spanish I still love listening to her songs. I remember when I was younger and I would attempt to sing her songs in Spanish obviously singing it all wrong. She was beautiful and talented as it saddens me to think she had lot more to give. But I know she would be happy to know that still her music lives on now 18 years after her death.

RIP Selena Quintanilla x

If you want to watch the film I've found a link that works for me, if not type 'Selena the movie 1997' 

Sunday, 14 April 2013


So I actually finished the dress a couple of weeks ago but just kept on forgetting to post  about it. Its just slightly different from the initial designs which had sleeves but I still think its cute. I designed the sleeves too tight so I could literally not move my arms up so I just removed them. Its my first dress that ive made by myself so I am please with myself. I think the fabric with the pockets at the front is really cute. Its gonna be weird wearing it because I know its not from the shop. On and off it took around 12 hours designing and putting everything together. I showed my nanny the dress and she really liked it. My auntie was also shocked that I made it which did make me pretty happy. My next step is to master the sleeves. I've seen a pattern for a bralet which I think will be really cool to make and maybe design into a dress.
So what do you think?

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Whats new in my wardrobe?

So today I went shopping with the family and got a couple of pieces for myself. I didn't get a lot of things but one thing that I did get made me a very happy girl SPARKLY SHOES. My sister picked them up and I just fell in love with them and had to try them on. They were 3 and a half and i'm a 4 but they fit perfectly which made me super happy. They're Guess but I got them for around £40 in TKMaxx which is a super bargain as their shoes are like £100. I don't particularly like going in TKMaxx as its like this one big cluttered store but when you do find something you like and in your size it's great because you know you're getting the best deal for it. The picture doesn't really show how sparkly they are but they're this lilac/blue colour depending on the light. I also got a lace top which I'm planning to wear under short sleeve dresses or on its own seeing as its not one of those bodysuits one. I stocked up on hoodies to so I can wear with my leather jacket seeing as its still really cold for what is apparently spring. I got a burgundy and a dark grey one. I just picked them up from primark I think for £8 which is pretty good. And then finally the last thing I (my mum) bought was this really nice crochet summer top from Select. Hopefully if the sun comes out this year I can wear it with a little t-shirt and maxi skirt. 



So like my shoes? (can you tell i love them). Bought any summer clothes yet?