Sunday, 14 April 2013


So I actually finished the dress a couple of weeks ago but just kept on forgetting to post  about it. Its just slightly different from the initial designs which had sleeves but I still think its cute. I designed the sleeves too tight so I could literally not move my arms up so I just removed them. Its my first dress that ive made by myself so I am please with myself. I think the fabric with the pockets at the front is really cute. Its gonna be weird wearing it because I know its not from the shop. On and off it took around 12 hours designing and putting everything together. I showed my nanny the dress and she really liked it. My auntie was also shocked that I made it which did make me pretty happy. My next step is to master the sleeves. I've seen a pattern for a bralet which I think will be really cool to make and maybe design into a dress.
So what do you think?

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