Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Whats new in my wardrobe?

So today I went shopping with the family and got a couple of pieces for myself. I didn't get a lot of things but one thing that I did get made me a very happy girl SPARKLY SHOES. My sister picked them up and I just fell in love with them and had to try them on. They were 3 and a half and i'm a 4 but they fit perfectly which made me super happy. They're Guess but I got them for around £40 in TKMaxx which is a super bargain as their shoes are like £100. I don't particularly like going in TKMaxx as its like this one big cluttered store but when you do find something you like and in your size it's great because you know you're getting the best deal for it. The picture doesn't really show how sparkly they are but they're this lilac/blue colour depending on the light. I also got a lace top which I'm planning to wear under short sleeve dresses or on its own seeing as its not one of those bodysuits one. I stocked up on hoodies to so I can wear with my leather jacket seeing as its still really cold for what is apparently spring. I got a burgundy and a dark grey one. I just picked them up from primark I think for £8 which is pretty good. And then finally the last thing I (my mum) bought was this really nice crochet summer top from Select. Hopefully if the sun comes out this year I can wear it with a little t-shirt and maxi skirt. 



So like my shoes? (can you tell i love them). Bought any summer clothes yet?

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