Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sewing Diaries

Ok so some of you may know I am starting to design and sew at home. I've done it in school but with already made templates and teachers so I thought i'd challenge myself with making my own clothes. Last Sunday I spent a good couple of hours taking measurements and designing the paper pattern for my dress. Its hopefully going to be a simple dress which is elasticated at the waist. I got this really cute fabric which is patchwork with cute floral and checked patterns. Making it it a little bit scary because it is your first one and you just imagine everything's going to go wrong, but so far its going good. At this stage i've cut out all my pieces and sewed around the edges so they dont fray (when the fabric comes un-done). Tomorrow I will probably sew it all up and add pockets if the design turns up ok. Its a real fun hobby that I can do in my spare time and actually perfect. Hopefully the more I learn myself the bigger designs I can do, maybe make my own prom dress. Actually my mum did say that I could make my own wedding dress as it would cost less, not that I would have anything to do then haha.
So you thought about picking up a hobby? Do you do sewing?

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