Saturday, 15 December 2012

Lashizzle Eye Lashes


Hello lovely readers, hope winter hasn't treated you too badly. Today when i came home i received a parcel and as everyone know excitement kicks in even if you know what it is. So imagine the excitement when the parcel is PINK, now i'm not super girly but having a pink parcel makes you feel a bit more girly and happy. I opened it up and inside was a wrapped parcel in this super cute striped paper bag with a heart sticker. You can see how pretty it was by the pictures below. Just that much more detail can really make the product just that more lovable. So moving away from the super cute packaging onto the eyelashes. First of all i'll take quickly about the glue you get. I have another eyelash glue and its in a perfume sample bottle that you get and its a bit annoying to open as you need a bit of force and then  you don't want the glue to get on you. The other i have doesn't stick as well which isn't great. This glue is easy to open and the applicator is not messy to use. The last thing you want it for your eyelashes for fall off right. 

Now to the eyelashes themselves. I have 3 pair of eyelashes and i think these maybe my favourite. The one i got to sample was natural but bold at the same time for for a glamed up casual look. I wore the eyelashes and omg they were so light you couldn't feel them on. Obviously you need to put them on so they don't irritate you or sitting on a crease or the actual eyelash line. They were amazing and I know if I were to were these out there would be no problem what so ever.
If you like the look of my lashes the are 'Love Lashes - 916', from £8.99 to £4.00
Along with my lashes there was a little note with a discount code, hopefully this post has pursued you to get them.
For 15% off any of the 'Love Lashes' range enter love-15 before the new years. At the moment P&P is only £1 if you spend under £15 and free if you spend over. There are loads of lashes from the 'LoveLashes' range, from natural to a bit of glitter.
How about getting them for someone as a gift, I know if I got a bag of these I would love the person forever.
Check out their website and tell me what you think..
Happy Holidays :)  

Sunday, 2 December 2012

MotelRocks Christmas Sample Sale

Ok so let me begin by telling you that are doing a sample sale where sample clothes are going to be sold at ridiculous low prices. Forget 50%off they're giving you 90% off so you can get pieces from as little as £3. They are great for party season especially with Christmas literally round the corner. It's taking place on the 6th and 7th of December which is this Thursday and Friday. The first 10 people to get their will get a motelrocks goody bag with £10 to spend. Its going to be on 10am-7pm but defo go early to grab all the best things. I am hoping to help out on the both days so if you come and see me say hi. Its going to be mad but great for HUGE bargains.
Motel Showroom, 71-73 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LP

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Company Fashion Forum

Yesterday Company magazine held this fashion forum event 'how to get into fashion'. It was in hackney in this really amazing looking cinema. So there was a small stage at the bottom where 5 fashion ladies sat. They all had different professions and they told us things like how they got into fashion, what we should try and do, tips to get noticed that sort of thing and then a question and answer. It was really informative and inspiring which helped me make my final decisions on what im going to do after A Levels. Most of them said how degrees are actually so important, and that when they've hired people they haven't looked at whether they've got a degree which confirmed my decision. For me rather than going to uni I want to do an apprenticeship (work and learn), I just thing I'll get a bit more out of it but thats just me. It was really cool being in an environment full of fashion student and everyone being all dressed up, maybe some a bit too much but thats just my opinion. Just before we went in we were allowed to have a drink at the bar and so thats were everyone wait to go in. While I was waiting someone asked to take my picture for their uni project on street style and im not going to even lie I felt flattered and who wouldn't. As you can see I went quite floral with my top, headscarf, bracelet and ring. And finally the goody bag, it was filled with amazing stuff. As you can see I got a few pretty amazing things. There was foot cream and an ipad case which was really random but hey it was free. I saw the goody bag and said I bought that magazine which was a tiny bit annoying but oh well. Overall it was a great night and I would definitely recommend anyone to go to the next one if they do another one. 
If anyone went to the event tell me what you thought of it.

Monday, 12 November 2012

If you want to create one I used which is really quick and easy to use
While im posting this Wednesday Company magazine are holding a fashion forum 'how to get a job in fasion' which im going to, it seems really cool let me know if your going too.
So thats me for the time being I just need to go shopping, that way i'll get inspired for posts.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

As some of you may know yesterday was Eid(al-adha). It was a different Eid to the one in August as this one was the festival of sacrifice  The story of this is quite interesting so you can do some research if you want. Anyway this is just a small post showing you how i looked on the day. I wore a dress with lace top and chiffon skirt which was short at the front and long at the back. I wore this with indian styled trousers and a tie-dyed looking headscarf. My make up this time was quite simple just a bit of sparkly eye shadow, fake eyelashes, lipstick and a hint of blusher. I like/love a bit of sparkle to i wore my long diamond earrings that i got for my birthday with a huge sparkly blue broach. As you can see i did some henna for the day which came out really nice. This was a small Eid so all i got was £25 and some Disney pajamas which are dead cute. Unfortunately i didn't get to wear my nice heels because it was bitter cold as you who live in England know so it was socks and my less nicer pair of heels. Overall it was a quite but nice Eid.
I was going to say did you do anything over the weekend but then i remembered Eid was on a Friday.
Enjoy your school break

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Autumn/Winter 2012 - Gothic


Another big trend this autumn/winter is gothic. It can be seen on the catwalk this season with the black, reds, lace and leather. There are loads of designers looking at gothic this season such as prada, John rocha and versace. I think a good styled up outfit could look stunning especially if you mix the baroque style into it. Theres something about the skirt that i just love, the lace and cut of it seems quite girly and the snipped sections give it that rough look. If you like anything from this outfit click the smaller icons below.
So what do you think of this trend?


Offer will last until 31st October have allowed me to give you a 30% discount when you use the unique discount code:
 big-brown eyes
You'll find something you love from the site

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Autumn/Winter Trend - Jumpers


Get buying those big warm jumpers for when it gets cold. This jumper with the mustache print is just so cute and quirky. The wedged heel will keep you looking fabulous as well as keep those toes warm. Minimal jewellery just to finally complete the outfit. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Nazila Nails

Today i was in superdrugs and saw these crazy nails. If you love 3d and blingy nails then keep reading. I came home and searched it up and found it. They're not currently on the superdrugs website but they have they're own website. After this post you might want to go and check it out. The cheapest they have is £9.99 and the most expensive is £34.99. The price of them is quite good compared to sets I've seen online. I sort of love them but find them a bit much but that's just me. I guess for a big event they will be, well interesting. What you could do is buy a set and then just use one of each hand so its not to eccentric. You get 24 in a pack and you get the sticky tabs to stick them down. The site claims that you can re-use them up to four times but i guess that depends on what you do with them on. The delivery is free so if you want to order them online that's good. I suggest next time you go into superdrugs to check them out as i think there are different designs. The website has other bits and bobs like nail polish and charms so you can check them out/ I think that's it really if you want more designs then see the website

So whats your opinion on them?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

New Creation - Bracelet Ring

I was going to post this tomorrow but i got so excited that i had to do it now. As you can see I've made a ring bracelet which i am so proud of. I've never made one of these before so it took me a while to get all the bits together. Initially i bought the chain to put my polymer clay charms on (oh that reminds me i have new charms to show you) but then i came up with this idea and did it. Technically speaking it's just un-linking the chain and then putting it back together. The chain is quite pretty as it is 2 sizes of rings/hoops as you can see. The pictures don't exactly show you how i made it but i'm sure you get the gist of it. Added to the chain is swarovski crystals which i love as they sparkle like crazy, especially in the light. I already have this style of bracelet and alot of people always tell me how much they love it so its going to make me happy when i wear this and tell them that i made it. Its really simple yet really stunning. I have a couple other ideas surrounding this piece which i think will look nice. I think its clear to say i'll be buying more chain next time i'm out.

So what do you think of it? Are you into jewellery making?
Enjoy the rest of your evening 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Autumn Winter Trend - Baroque

A big trend this season is baroque which I love. Dolce and gabanna did a collection(A/W 2012) on baroque and it was stunning. The print itself is beautiful with the floral shapes but when its on a garment is even more lovely. The trending colur for this stlye is black and gold which is very glamorous and expensive looking. The shops should be filling its shelves with this style so go and but this stunning trend. This pattern is very glamorous so glam is how you must wear it. With this style up i found this stunnng peplum top from and paired it with disco pants and a lovely pair of pink platform heels. The accesories match this really nice colour. A really beautiful and pretty look.

Find baroque at: