Thursday, 15 November 2012

Company Fashion Forum

Yesterday Company magazine held this fashion forum event 'how to get into fashion'. It was in hackney in this really amazing looking cinema. So there was a small stage at the bottom where 5 fashion ladies sat. They all had different professions and they told us things like how they got into fashion, what we should try and do, tips to get noticed that sort of thing and then a question and answer. It was really informative and inspiring which helped me make my final decisions on what im going to do after A Levels. Most of them said how degrees are actually so important, and that when they've hired people they haven't looked at whether they've got a degree which confirmed my decision. For me rather than going to uni I want to do an apprenticeship (work and learn), I just thing I'll get a bit more out of it but thats just me. It was really cool being in an environment full of fashion student and everyone being all dressed up, maybe some a bit too much but thats just my opinion. Just before we went in we were allowed to have a drink at the bar and so thats were everyone wait to go in. While I was waiting someone asked to take my picture for their uni project on street style and im not going to even lie I felt flattered and who wouldn't. As you can see I went quite floral with my top, headscarf, bracelet and ring. And finally the goody bag, it was filled with amazing stuff. As you can see I got a few pretty amazing things. There was foot cream and an ipad case which was really random but hey it was free. I saw the goody bag and said I bought that magazine which was a tiny bit annoying but oh well. Overall it was a great night and I would definitely recommend anyone to go to the next one if they do another one. 
If anyone went to the event tell me what you thought of it.


  1. So gutted I couldn't go, sound like you had an amazing time! Love what you wore, you're so beautiful Zainab! x

    1. It was really cool, and thank you hehe :) you too x

  2. Sounds like a fab night! New follower here, come check out my blog if you have the spare time hun, xoxo.

  3. Wow wish I could of gone to this - looks like you learnt a lot and got some pretty amazing things as well. Great blog btw

    Laura x