Friday, 25 January 2013

Whats happening in fashion

Spring Couture 2013
As some of you may know there has been the Paris fashion shows with loads of big designers. The collections that i love the most are the couture ones, to explain couture are extravagant, beautiful garments that you'd see on the red-carpet and evening parties. Hopefully this is the path i want to go in, evening/prom/catwalk dresses. One of my favourite collections so far is from the Talented Elie Saab. A very opulent,  glamorous and stunning collections with dresses that i would love to own.


I tried sticking to top 3 but ended up with 6 because i just wanted to show how stunning this collection was. If you look at just the shape of the dress they are very simple but look at the detail and you have something so delicate, decorative and just beautiful. The black one is just beautiful, it has the right amount of sparkle which catches against the light. The 4th dress down is one of my favourite s because Saab cleverly mixes 2 patterns, floral and baroc but nicely so they compliment each other. The lace in all the garments are stunning and beautifully intricate. If i had enough money these dresses would be in my wardrobe.

So what collections are you loving from Paris Couture 2013?


Hi guys, So i haven't been on for a while so i thought i'd do an outfit of the day post. This is what i wore for school. I looked in the mirror this morning and thought i basically looked like a spy with all the black. My look today was Corset, chiffon shirt and skinny jeans. I got this corset which is absolutely stunning, i got it from the shop krisp at a good price. Wearing it like that even with a long sleeve t-shirt would have been a bit too sexy for school so i layered it with a chiffon shirt which i love. So you could see the corset but not soo much of it. I chose the ring you can see in the photo just because it was a statement ring and added to the spy look i had going on. So this is how you pull off wearing a corset to school.
So what do you think of my look?