Monday, 22 July 2013

Sewing Diary

  I'm back again with another make perfect for the summer. I originally design a simple loose crop top to wear with a maxi skirt but because I cut it too small I had a dilemma which i quickly resolved with a bit of lace and chiffon. To make the side bigger I came up with the idea to add a strip of lace down both sides. This not only made the top the correct shape/fit but made it look quite nice. I added black chiffon behind the lace so it wasn't see through. This top looks really cute on and really nice with a maxi skirt. So what do you think??

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sewing Diary

A day before Fasting began I thought I'd pop into my local haberdashery shop (fabric shop) to pick up some bits of fabric/patterns so I could make some stuff during this month to pass the time. I tend to go to the sale basket where they have leftover fabric from the rolls. I found a piece of black chiffon which was just enough to make myself a maxi skirt. I got 2 and a half meters for around £3 which is pretty good, the elastic I got 2m for £1 which is really good. It was a bit fiddly to make because chiffon is a thin fabric and just moves alot as anyone would know who's ever sewn chiffon. But after sewing it all together I was pretty pleased with my skirt. Having a maxi skirt that actually fits you both waist and length is great. Making your own clothes really does save a bit of money, in total this skirt costs around £3.02 which is pretty good for a chiffon maxi skirt. I have a back maxi skirt anyway so there wasn't any point making an underskirt. I thought this way I could even put it with coloured or patterned skirts to create something quite cool. Chiffon isn't the easiest of fabrics to use but its one of my favorites to wear, especially as the sun is finally coming out. 
What do you think about making your own clothes?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

New Clothes

So I went out to get my sister a birthday present and came back with a few things with myself. I got the cheetah print top, blue/black dress and white dress all for under £20 because there was a 70% off sale at risky. There was a few nice things at small prices, the top I got for £3 which is a bargain. Its great to wear when its really hot especially as its not see through. The blue dress I though was really cool with a cross over strap design and pockets at the front. I also got a white summer dress which is really cute and nice to wear when its hot. I had a little look in the charity shop and found the blue floral summer dress which is really pretty. That was around £4 which is good. Its good for me to have clothes that aren't black especially as the weather is heating up. Finally I got myself a super cute pair of jelly shoes, they were £15 which I think is pretty good. Their wedged and has a little bow at the top. I haven't quite broke into them yet so they hurt a little but the first 5 minutes of wearing them is really comfortable. The colour I think is really nice, it will go with alot of things. So yeah, this is what happens when you take me to buy something for my sisters birthday.


Fashion show 2013

  On the 3/7/2013 my school held its annual fashion show for the year 11 - 13 students to show off their work. These two dresses where designed and made by me. I got my sister(top right) to model my dress because I thought it'd be cute when we all come out with our designers/models. I for whatever reason modeled my dress again this year and as scary as it was I have to say It was great fun. The support there was lovely with everyone clapping as you walk down (alone). Two of my friends came to see the fashion show for the first time which was really nice. The purple dress was from my opulence project took a while to make as the yellow printed shapes was hand cut out and ironed on. The skirt also took a while to figure out how to create because its an original shape, the photos don't exactly show it well. The dress that my sisters wearing was inspired by the circus, her headscarf covers the acrobat feature piece. The print of the fabric was designed by me and printed in school thanks to our amazing digital printer. Making these two dresses were stressful but really good fun. I am so pleased with how the two has turned out. After all the hard work over the last couple of years my last year at school went with a showstopping catwalk. The garments by all the students where incredible. I cant believe this is my last fashion show at school. I am really going to miss my fashion class, we have lots of fun and get on really well.



 Hi you lot, the last two weeks have been absolutely hectic with the final deadline of fashion being yesterday, I finally finished all my work including my 2 garments for our fashion show. However I am free with a few post already in my head. This post is a review of Collection 2000's gel eyeliner which I purchased for £4.99 at superdrugs. This was the one I picked up after being thrown back a bit by maybelline's  price for their gel liner. I had wanted to try this type of eyeliner after watching makeup tutorials where a few people would use this and show a great finish. The ones in these pots actually look better than the all in one types with the brush attached but that's just my opinion I haven't actually tried them. For the price I thought the amount of eyeliner in the pot was decent, it looks like its going to last me a bit. At first I was like what's the point in the small brush which is 5cm but actually I was proven wrong and I could easily use it to apply the eyeliner. Although I can use the small brush I'm going to but a proper eyeliner brush. Finally moving onto the gel eyeliner itself, It really good especially for the price. You don't need a lot for a dark line on your eyelids, the pigment is intense. The quality is nice, it glides on easily and doesn't looks so wet like pictures I've seen. It lasted the whole time I was wearing it which is probably why its called "lasting colour gel eyeliner". I also used it as a cream eye shadow for my prom make up and I was really please with how dark it came out. And unlike some eye shadows, using this as an eye shadow means it wont fade or crease. I would definitely recommend this product as I was really pleased with it.
What do you think of gel eyeliners?