Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Fashion show 2013

  On the 3/7/2013 my school held its annual fashion show for the year 11 - 13 students to show off their work. These two dresses where designed and made by me. I got my sister(top right) to model my dress because I thought it'd be cute when we all come out with our designers/models. I for whatever reason modeled my dress again this year and as scary as it was I have to say It was great fun. The support there was lovely with everyone clapping as you walk down (alone). Two of my friends came to see the fashion show for the first time which was really nice. The purple dress was from my opulence project took a while to make as the yellow printed shapes was hand cut out and ironed on. The skirt also took a while to figure out how to create because its an original shape, the photos don't exactly show it well. The dress that my sisters wearing was inspired by the circus, her headscarf covers the acrobat feature piece. The print of the fabric was designed by me and printed in school thanks to our amazing digital printer. Making these two dresses were stressful but really good fun. I am so pleased with how the two has turned out. After all the hard work over the last couple of years my last year at school went with a showstopping catwalk. The garments by all the students where incredible. I cant believe this is my last fashion show at school. I am really going to miss my fashion class, we have lots of fun and get on really well.

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