Tuesday, 9 July 2013



 Hi you lot, the last two weeks have been absolutely hectic with the final deadline of fashion being yesterday, I finally finished all my work including my 2 garments for our fashion show. However I am free with a few post already in my head. This post is a review of Collection 2000's gel eyeliner which I purchased for £4.99 at superdrugs. This was the one I picked up after being thrown back a bit by maybelline's  price for their gel liner. I had wanted to try this type of eyeliner after watching makeup tutorials where a few people would use this and show a great finish. The ones in these pots actually look better than the all in one types with the brush attached but that's just my opinion I haven't actually tried them. For the price I thought the amount of eyeliner in the pot was decent, it looks like its going to last me a bit. At first I was like what's the point in the small brush which is 5cm but actually I was proven wrong and I could easily use it to apply the eyeliner. Although I can use the small brush I'm going to but a proper eyeliner brush. Finally moving onto the gel eyeliner itself, It really good especially for the price. You don't need a lot for a dark line on your eyelids, the pigment is intense. The quality is nice, it glides on easily and doesn't looks so wet like pictures I've seen. It lasted the whole time I was wearing it which is probably why its called "lasting colour gel eyeliner". I also used it as a cream eye shadow for my prom make up and I was really please with how dark it came out. And unlike some eye shadows, using this as an eye shadow means it wont fade or crease. I would definitely recommend this product as I was really pleased with it.
What do you think of gel eyeliners?

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