Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sewing Diary

A day before Fasting began I thought I'd pop into my local haberdashery shop (fabric shop) to pick up some bits of fabric/patterns so I could make some stuff during this month to pass the time. I tend to go to the sale basket where they have leftover fabric from the rolls. I found a piece of black chiffon which was just enough to make myself a maxi skirt. I got 2 and a half meters for around £3 which is pretty good, the elastic I got 2m for £1 which is really good. It was a bit fiddly to make because chiffon is a thin fabric and just moves alot as anyone would know who's ever sewn chiffon. But after sewing it all together I was pretty pleased with my skirt. Having a maxi skirt that actually fits you both waist and length is great. Making your own clothes really does save a bit of money, in total this skirt costs around £3.02 which is pretty good for a chiffon maxi skirt. I have a back maxi skirt anyway so there wasn't any point making an underskirt. I thought this way I could even put it with coloured or patterned skirts to create something quite cool. Chiffon isn't the easiest of fabrics to use but its one of my favorites to wear, especially as the sun is finally coming out. 
What do you think about making your own clothes?