Tuesday, 9 July 2013

New Clothes

So I went out to get my sister a birthday present and came back with a few things with myself. I got the cheetah print top, blue/black dress and white dress all for under £20 because there was a 70% off sale at risky. There was a few nice things at small prices, the top I got for £3 which is a bargain. Its great to wear when its really hot especially as its not see through. The blue dress I though was really cool with a cross over strap design and pockets at the front. I also got a white summer dress which is really cute and nice to wear when its hot. I had a little look in the charity shop and found the blue floral summer dress which is really pretty. That was around £4 which is good. Its good for me to have clothes that aren't black especially as the weather is heating up. Finally I got myself a super cute pair of jelly shoes, they were £15 which I think is pretty good. Their wedged and has a little bow at the top. I haven't quite broke into them yet so they hurt a little but the first 5 minutes of wearing them is really comfortable. The colour I think is really nice, it will go with alot of things. So yeah, this is what happens when you take me to buy something for my sisters birthday.


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