Sunday, 29 July 2012

Head back, lay it down like a vegas girl

Double Denim

This is a double denim look waiting for a bit of fun. The crop top and crop denim jacket gives the look that bit of flirty-ness. The nerd glasses, mustache ring and head band adds some youth and quirk. 
So what do you think of my outfit i've put together?

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Teen Choice Awards 2012

Ok so on the 22nd of July was the Teen Choice Awards and that means red carpet fashion. 

cymphonique ariana grande tcas 04

I LOVE this dress and the beautiful person wearing it. Ariana Grande is an actress from the show 'Victorious', She has an amazing fashion sense both in and out of character. As you can see her 1950's style in her macaroon print dress. I just think the print is incredibly cute and with the style of the dress she looks lovely.  She went natural with her make up which goes well with the light, pastel shades on her dress. Paired with a nude coloured platform to keep the eyes on the dress. I think she is stunning and even more in this outfit.

Teen Choice Awards 2012 - Arrivals

Her we have Holland Roden who is an actress. At first glimpse I didn't like this dress but the more I look at it the more I actually like it. I think its more the shape and style of the dress and how the skirt goes out. Its quite a classic look and she looks stunning. She looks beautiful with the dark eyes and curly hair to a side, really glamorous. She has worked this dress well, she looks stunning.

Teen Choice Awards 2012 - Arrivals

Well I could have this list without the stunning Taylor Swift. As always she goes for that pretty,simple,elegant look. The design of this is dress is actually quite nice, it seems completely backless but because the front is covered its nice. Love the skirt, its floaty and very summery. Her hair is done simply in a bun with a couple of curls. Her make up just highlights that natural beauty.

Lea Michele Teen Choice Awards

Here we have the beautiful Lea Michelle from the amazing show Glee. This is dress is lovely, you can just about see from this picture the rose detailing on he dress. The top of the dress is cute the way it has a sort of ribbon along the edge. She looks stunning with natural made up and hair down to the side. The design of the dress goes out at the hips to give a bit of shape which makes her look even more gorgeous.

And this is my 'what were you thinking' outfit worn by a beautiful Cat Deeley. As much as I think shes stunning she has not done herself any favours here. The nicest thing from this outfit is the black top and even then its just a black blouse. The silver trousers are so out of this world they are horrendous. This is how not to wear metallics. And then we move onto the shoes, personally there horrible I just dont get how anyone could wear pointed heels.

So what do you think of the outfits on this years teen choice awards red carpet? Who do you think looked the best?
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Spa Products

Ok a couple days ago I received a package with some spa goodies in there. I received a sample of 'salt brushing' from 'Spa Find', Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo and Dead Sea Spa Magik Hair Magik Serum'. They came in a little sachet and I forgot to take a couple of pictures but below are from the website.
Mineralizing Body Lotion

"A delightfully aromatic and invigorating spa exfoliation treatment combining pure Dead Sea Salt to remove dead skin cells and revive skin texture, Vitamin E to aid skin repair and protect, and Coconut Oil to nourish and promote a soft, smooth and hydrated body."

This product was absolutely lovely, Its an exfoliator and thats what it did. My skin did feel quite soft afterwards which was a lovely feeling. It also smelt fabulous even though there was no fragrance added all just natural things. The smell lasted a couple of hours which was nice and relaxing. Having it being made from natural products was another good thing because what you were putting on your body was filled with goodness. This product comes in at around £13, which is quite good considering all its benefits and what its made from. Personally this is one of those luxury items, not for everyday use but its good and works so I think I could look into buying this in the future. Judging by this product I think I will probably look into trying some of their other products.

"Dead Sea Spa Magik hair products give your hair volume, bounce, and shine whilst helping to relieve dry, flaky scalp conditions. Each strand of hair is drenched with thirst quenching Dead Sea minerals to give you hair to die for!"

The next sample I received was from 'Dead Sea Spa Magik'. It was a shampoo and hair serum which I tried yesterday. First of all the shampoo was really good, it lathered alot so your hair got full coverage. It also meant you didn't have to use that much on your hair. The smell was lovely and relaxing, just like if you were at a spa. My head/hair was dry before I used it and that completely changed when I used the shampoo. I checked in the mirror after I dried my hair and it wasnt dry, I thought maybe its because I just had a shower so to really double check I checked it today and still my scalp/head was nice and not dry. I was amazed and what it had done, and especially after that 1 use. I then used the serum which I applied when I dried my hair and oh my god it was amazing. When I wash my hair after I dry it its all thick and curly and annoying to brush but using this product made it soo easy. I was brushing my hair like I hadn't just washed it I was soo amazing. Im not exaggerating at how amazing these 2 products are they made my hair quite soft, shiny and easy to brush. People who have thick wavy/curly hair will now what im on about. This is the best hair product I have used. For 330mls its £8.26 for the shampoo and for 150mls its £16.00 for the serum. These 2 product are so amazing I think I probably would buy it again and recommend it to those who have dry scalps, dry hair and dandruff and all the rest. I am so glad I found these products they really are amazing

Check out the websites:

Outfit of the day

Ok so this is my look for the day, which includes a maxi skirt which I love. I am 4ft 11 and refuse to conform  to the idea that just because im short I cant wear maxi dresses or skirt. I am going to wear a maxi skirt weather it makes me look short or not. Ok so enough about that i've just paired it with a checked shirt and a belt, mainly because the skirt is kind of big on the wait.. and length but there nothing a bit of sewing cant fix. Because the shirt if a browny/grey colour with the orange and black I added some earth toned jewellery to match. As you can see the cute moustache ring was actually made by me, for whatever reason I dont seem to find them in the shops so when I got my polymer clay I made one myself and if I do say so myself it is incredibly cute and quirky. I forgot to take a picture of my earrings and because im lazy to go into the other room with the mirror I just took a picture at the laptop. Oh and the bracelets isn't actually bracelets but a necklace, I really like the colours and charms so I turned it into a bracelet. So yeah thats my outfit of the day, Im not going any where but hey whoever said you cant look good in your own home : )

Friday, 27 July 2012

Beauty Quote

Definition of beauty #quotes


Ok so people are either going to love this post or hate it. As you can see its a post about these crazy decorative eye lashes. Theses aren't your usual party lashes but really fancy paper eyelashes, thats right they are made from paper. According to the site you can wear  them more then once which is really cool especially as they are so intricate. Theses eye lashes are for very special occasions. There are designs to choose from so I suggest to give them a look. I've just had an idea, if you think the whole line is a bit much maybe cut them up into strips and maybe just wear it at the ends of your lashes. I dont know if that will definitely work but it will give you that intricate detailing but more subtly. Personally I quite like them, there different are very decorative. They're £11.99 which is a bit pricey but come on surely you can see why.
So what do you think of them? Would be daring enough to try them?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Lipsy V I P Strapless Diamante Detailed Maxi Dress

Ok so I saw an ad for Lipsy Vip new collection just now and thought I'd check it out. I saw the page and fell in love with this dress. It is absolutely stunning and I want it. The black is just so classy and kind of sexy. The sweetheart neckline is just lined with diamant√© s to give it that sparkle. Since Santana from glee pulled of a fish tail for prom I thought about it and got the idea to go that way. I hoped that maybe next year for my third and final prom (in our school we have a prom year 11,12,13)  I could wear a fish tale. Its just absolutely stunning and gives you the best shape ever. I Just LOVE this dress, everything about it. It is £160 but personally that doesn't seem much (maybe because I love it so much). Maybe I'll watch as it goes on sale. We've just finished school and im already planning my prom outfit haha. Its just so beautiful, and Millie pulls it off stunningly.
Oh my birthdays coming up in september maybe i'll put this on my wishlist..

Fallen in love with any clothes lately?, ha im talking to fashion bloggers ofcourse you have, tell me about it.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Polymer Clay Creations

Ok so yesterday I received a package from eBay that I was very excited about. At first we thought the package was for my dad and then realised it was from me as the account was under his name so I was really supper excited to try it out. I had been watching videos on tutorials for polymer clay (which is oven bake clay) and really got into it so I bought some (12 to be exact). The tutorials were really simple and me being all creative thought I should give it a go. I went round the house to find bits and bobs that I could use for the making. So after 5 minutes of playing with it and making all shapes and imprints I finally started to make my first every polymer clay charm. The first one I made was the heart pendant with the flowers on. Im not even going to lie it looks amazing and I cant believe I made it. It took me a while as I really wanted the heart shape to be perfect, and as you know what always happens is one side is more out than the other but I finally got there, the flowers are really pretty and simple to make. The second piece I made was a cake ring, its charm that a lot of crafter make with polymer clay and its just soo cute. You cant see it very well on the picture but the texture of the cake is there and its really cool. I love the whipped cream and cherry on top, looks very real. I just got an old ring that and stuck it at the bottom with a bit of polymer clay. Its not the best looking cake but hopefully when I make more charms I'll be better at making. And finally I had a bit of brown and turquoise clay left so I thought I'd marble them and create a simple charm. I got a flower bead and pressed it in the middle to create a subtle imprint which is cute. I then put them in the oven and baked them and they hardened. It was great fun making them, I kept getting my brother and sister to look every time I would make something I was that excited... they weren't as interested as I was. I probably should buy some head rings and ring bases to make my life easier. I have a bag with about 300-400 + jump-rings that I bought for fashion that I dont actually need. Maybe I'll see if I can trade with someone...
If you dont see me blogging for a couple of days I'm not dead just making some amazing charms and things out of polymer clay.. hahaha

So what do you think for my first attempt? Do you do polymer clay?

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Barry M Giveaway

For my blog reaching 2700 page views I thought I'd do a Giveaway. A lucky winner will win 3 products from Barry M and from my money. There are several ways of getting an entry so what are you waiting for and good luck and thank you for visiting my blog.

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Dazzle Dust - Silvery BlackLip Gloss Wand - Strawberries and CreamInstant Nail Effects Crackle - White Frost

Pictures taken from the barry m website


New Top

This is my first outfit of the day post that im doing, I got a new top so I thought i'd give it a go. I was looking for blouses to get with my maxi skirt as I realised I didn't have a lot or ones that would go with the skirt. I saw this one and just loved it, it was a chiffon-y material (which I love) and was zebra print so I got it. If I am correct it was £7 from Risky which is a bargain. Its one of those long tops so I can wear it as a dress but also as a blouse that I can tuck in to my maxi skirt. The back is longer than the front which is a nice detailing I thought, you can see in the 2nd picture. I love this top, it is especially good for summer hopefully the weather will be more like this as its amazing. However I wont really be going out as im fasting so people wont get to see my nice top but yeah you have the first look. 
What do you think of my top? What do  you think about animal print?

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Hopefully I can get that number higher as not having it might possibly be the reason I have 2 :/
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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fine Feather Heads

A couple of months ago I posted about feather hair accessories, I though they were really cool and quirky. Yesterday I came across this website which sold them as well as having this 'hair chalk' which caught my eye. Its really simple to use all you do is rub it into your hair and then add hair spray, it then last the day. All the information about how to take it out is on the website. It just looks really cool and you can do it easily in your own bedroom. I love the variety of colours as you can see from the pictures when you add a few to your hair. Something that made this product seem even more amazing is the fact that this coloring's can go onto any hair colour whether its blonde or black. Seeing as there's a few festivals coming up this would look great on an outfit. As you can see its roughly the size of small eye shadow compact which means it will fit into a bag. Its from an american site so its $13 which is about £7.80 if I did the maths right which is a reasonable price for the concept of this product. I think they look amazing and especially with the feather accessories. I would definitely recommend you take a look at the website its fun with a couple more quirky hair accessories.  

TINT Hair Chalk

So what do you think of the products?

I do not take credit for these photos, they were taken from the website finedeatherheads. 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A look for a wedding guest

Wedding guest

(click on the pictures to link to the website)

A friend of mine said she was going to a wedding but wasnt to sure what to wear, me being creative fashionista (cringe) i thought i would put an outfit together or polyvore. For a wedding you dont want to go over the top and although this dress is very simple you can add a bit of sparkle with the accessories. I really liked the colour of the dress and the over-lapping skirt detail gives it a bit more movement when you walk. Because the dress is very simple you make up for it with the stunning accessories. The bracelet, necklace and earrings are stunning and very pretty. I stuck with the white contrasting colour and added white platforms and a white clutch bag. I also threw in a Barry M dazzle dust which goes perfectly with the dress. I also thought I'd challenge myself and do a look thats under £100 and although this all comes just 60p under its still a pretty good deal. It was a bit hard but i managed to find some lovely bargains. 
So what do you think of the look?