Saturday, 28 July 2012

Outfit of the day

Ok so this is my look for the day, which includes a maxi skirt which I love. I am 4ft 11 and refuse to conform  to the idea that just because im short I cant wear maxi dresses or skirt. I am going to wear a maxi skirt weather it makes me look short or not. Ok so enough about that i've just paired it with a checked shirt and a belt, mainly because the skirt is kind of big on the wait.. and length but there nothing a bit of sewing cant fix. Because the shirt if a browny/grey colour with the orange and black I added some earth toned jewellery to match. As you can see the cute moustache ring was actually made by me, for whatever reason I dont seem to find them in the shops so when I got my polymer clay I made one myself and if I do say so myself it is incredibly cute and quirky. I forgot to take a picture of my earrings and because im lazy to go into the other room with the mirror I just took a picture at the laptop. Oh and the bracelets isn't actually bracelets but a necklace, I really like the colours and charms so I turned it into a bracelet. So yeah thats my outfit of the day, Im not going any where but hey whoever said you cant look good in your own home : )

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