Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Prairie Charms

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Ok so i thought I'd better let you know about this new jewellery company that sells these simple but cute bracelets. There's not a lot to choose from but the ones that are there are really pretty, these were the top 3 bracelets that  really liked. Something that I like about these are because they are simple beaded bracelet with 1 charm you can wear a few of them without it looking to much. The princes range from £8 - £12 and 10% of proceeds will benefit the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity 'Kiss it better' campaign which is really lovely. So buy a new bracelet and give a little to charity everyone wins, but obviously people need to get buying to make that bit of a difference. They would be lovely as gifts for friends and family. A little birdy has told me that throughout July there will be some great deals to keep a look out.


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