Sunday, 8 July 2012

Impress Nails By Broadway

This post is going to be about this amazing new product by Broadway. For those who don't know about these nails they are stick on nails, like the ones you had when you were 12 but these ones actually last longer. I saw the ad for these and straight away thought that the concept of them would be amazing. I thought i'd get them for my prom so I did. I dont wear nail varnish so having these would be great. I'll start with the package, as you can see the package is a nail varnish bottle which I think is really cute, you twist the lid off and open up the container. Inside there is 24 nails that you choose to fit your finger nail. The only hard part is seeing what one fits you. Once you've chosen your nails you just peel the layer or plastic and apple to your nail, add a little pressure and your done. I left my right hand thumb and pointing finger last just to make the process of taking the plastic off easier. I had them on and they looked amazing, they really do look like you've gone and had them done. 
The question everyone asks, how long did they actually last for?. To be honest with you I took them off on the 3rd day of wearing them just because of religious reasons and me not being able to wear them when  I pray but thats another post. To be exact I put them on Monday around 8:00pm and took them off Wednesday 5:00pm so even that period of time is good. I found that on Thursday morning they were still sticky so I put them back on for school for about 9-10 hours and then took them back off. Taking them off I had to use a bit of force not alot but a bit, this shows that they dont just fall off and is really sticky and will hold onto the nail. There was a little of the sticky stuff on my nails but with a wash that came off. They didn't fall off once when I had them on which was really good, and they felt like they were going to stay there.
They did cost £8.00 and at first im not going to lie I was a bit put off but that might be me being stingy but after having them on I was ok with the price. With the look and concept of the product I think I would but these again. The only thing that I would improve with the product is to make it a bit longer but thats just down to personal taste.I've still got another set left over from the 24 so thats good. Overall I am really please with this product and I recommend it to everyone. It was nice to have some patterned nails for once. 
When I went to go buy these in superdrug there was only 2 patterns available so maybe order them online from the website so that you definitely have that choice. The other patterns are really nice and vary from French manicure to cute floral designs.

So what do you think of them? Have you purchased these nails, what did you think of them?

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