Thursday, 5 July 2012


In my school if you stay for 6form in total you'll have 3 proms; year 11, year 12/ 6form (saying goodbye to year 13) and then the last year of year 13. So on Monday I had my year 12 prom which was really amazing. The venue was all fancy and everyone looks lovely. So this is just a quick post about what I wore on the evening. The image isnt as clear but to describe my dress the top was lace and then it had a chiffon skirt which was shorter at the front then the back. Lace and chiffon are my 2 favourite materials so I loved the dress. I wore a fitted trouser, Indian styles that my nan made which looked quite nice. Shoes are nude and black and from new look, they were my first stiletto shoe and I managed to keep up and didn't fall once. I added a bit of sparkle in my headscarf (ends had scatters diamant├ęs which was really nice), my big head-scarf pin, earrings, ring, bag and eyelashes... cant have too much sparkle. Make-up was quite glamorous with black smoky eyes and red lipstick and blusher. And finally my nails which are the new Nicole Scherzinger Impress nails which were cheetah print which were amazing (review soon). I think that is it, so yeah what do you think? Had a prom recently? 

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