Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Polymer Clay Creations

Ok so yesterday I received a package from eBay that I was very excited about. At first we thought the package was for my dad and then realised it was from me as the account was under his name so I was really supper excited to try it out. I had been watching videos on tutorials for polymer clay (which is oven bake clay) and really got into it so I bought some (12 to be exact). The tutorials were really simple and me being all creative thought I should give it a go. I went round the house to find bits and bobs that I could use for the making. So after 5 minutes of playing with it and making all shapes and imprints I finally started to make my first every polymer clay charm. The first one I made was the heart pendant with the flowers on. Im not even going to lie it looks amazing and I cant believe I made it. It took me a while as I really wanted the heart shape to be perfect, and as you know what always happens is one side is more out than the other but I finally got there, the flowers are really pretty and simple to make. The second piece I made was a cake ring, its charm that a lot of crafter make with polymer clay and its just soo cute. You cant see it very well on the picture but the texture of the cake is there and its really cool. I love the whipped cream and cherry on top, looks very real. I just got an old ring that and stuck it at the bottom with a bit of polymer clay. Its not the best looking cake but hopefully when I make more charms I'll be better at making. And finally I had a bit of brown and turquoise clay left so I thought I'd marble them and create a simple charm. I got a flower bead and pressed it in the middle to create a subtle imprint which is cute. I then put them in the oven and baked them and they hardened. It was great fun making them, I kept getting my brother and sister to look every time I would make something I was that excited... they weren't as interested as I was. I probably should buy some head rings and ring bases to make my life easier. I have a bag with about 300-400 + jump-rings that I bought for fashion that I dont actually need. Maybe I'll see if I can trade with someone...
If you dont see me blogging for a couple of days I'm not dead just making some amazing charms and things out of polymer clay.. hahaha

So what do you think for my first attempt? Do you do polymer clay?

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  1. Wow these are amazing...love it :) The cake slice is super cute.
    Lovin the blog and now following

    Laura x