Tuesday, 10 July 2012

LJ Couture

Do you find getting dresses to fit you perfectly sometimes a bit tricky? Well then you should check out a new company called 'LJ Couture'. They are an online boutique specialising in "made to measure, bespoke, crystal embellished dresses for all occasion". What makes them different from all the other online website is how personal your dress would be made for you. Its great for if you want a dress specifically for an event and you cant seem to find the right one in the shops. Also if you design your dress then the dress is one of a kind and nobody will be wearing what you wear for definite. I hear that once made the dress that you design could potentially be sold on the website which is really cool.
Lisa Hendy sent me some pictures of some of the dresses and they are absolutely stunning. I love the cute styles and colours. Below is a few colour charts that she uses, you can see the variety of colour that you can potentially choose from. There's the selection of pastel colours to bright colours which are all stunning shades.


From the couple of pictures I got sent the two below are my favourite. With the one on the right I love the style but also that stunning colour. There's something about the colour that reminds me of the Disney film Aladdin. The two colours go really well especially with the gold beading in the middle of the dress. I love the dress on the left simply because of how pretty it looks. I really like the peachy/nude colour of the skirt. The beauty of this dress is on the top where its all beaded and creates a lovely design. Just going back to the fact that these dresses are hand-made makes them even more special


I guess some of are wondering about the price, according to her interview with rmmagazine the dresses range from £190 - £290 which I think is amazing.  

A part of the interview that I wanted to add just because it inspired me as a fashion student wanting to go into the fashion design industry. Reading her interview I can see that she went through the same stages that im going through so hopefully one day I could have my own fashion business/ collection just like her.

"What advice would you have for someone looking to start their own label?
What I have learnt is that anything is possible. Whether you want to launch your own fashion label or start your own business, if you believe in your work and have the confidence in your product, then you go for it. One thing I will say is be practical and well prepared. It may not work out but if you don’t try these things, you will never know. The only person that ever holds you back in life is yourself."

If you are interested in what you see here please contact Lisa here, her website it currently unavailable (at the time of writing this post so check out the website to check) so check out her twitter or send her an email for more details.
L J Couture: www.ljcouture.co.uk
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