Monday, 16 July 2012

Gemma Collins launches plus size clothing range

I don't watch 'The Only Way is Essex' but when i read that Gemma Collins was launching a new plus size clothing range i had to post about it. I know that she is someone who likes her body and is proud of it and this is what makes her inspirational. It would be amazing if everyone was happy the way they are whether they're size 8 or size 14. She has designed a range of tops and dresses but this one is one of my favourite. I think the cut out flower detail is really pretty, quite Marchesa like. With the pink underneath the flowers stand out even more. Its even cuter because its A-line and gives it that floaty feel to the dress. I love the scalloped hemline, its simple but is such a stunning detail. I would actually love to wear something like this. If your a plus size you don't have to wear baggy jumpers and track-suits and the stunning Gemma Collins has helped with that. I'm not plus sized but I think if I was and I saw that Gemma Collins was happy the way she was and even designed a collection I would start to feel comfortable in my body. She didn't loose weight to fit into pretty dresses she just designed dresses that would fit her and make her look gorgeous. If you look on her website you'll find dresses that can be worn during the day and evening, some like this one can be used for both. Its just a matter of changing choose and adding some accessories. The dresses vary from £35 - £75 and the tops vary from £30 - £50 a bit pricey but there designed by Gemma Collins what more do you want. The sizes start from size 12 and vary with each garment. No matter what your size you have the right to looks fabulous and no-one should stop you from doing so.

Check out her dazzling website:


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  2. I think that women who have a positive, realistic body image are the best people for launching a new clothing line.

    1. yes definitely, they give people that bit of inspiration because they're in the same position :) x

  3. I love casual dresses, they are so comfortable and versatile. Love the one in the pic too!