Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fine Feather Heads

A couple of months ago I posted about feather hair accessories, I though they were really cool and quirky. Yesterday I came across this website which sold them as well as having this 'hair chalk' which caught my eye. Its really simple to use all you do is rub it into your hair and then add hair spray, it then last the day. All the information about how to take it out is on the website. It just looks really cool and you can do it easily in your own bedroom. I love the variety of colours as you can see from the pictures when you add a few to your hair. Something that made this product seem even more amazing is the fact that this coloring's can go onto any hair colour whether its blonde or black. Seeing as there's a few festivals coming up this would look great on an outfit. As you can see its roughly the size of small eye shadow compact which means it will fit into a bag. Its from an american site so its $13 which is about £7.80 if I did the maths right which is a reasonable price for the concept of this product. I think they look amazing and especially with the feather accessories. I would definitely recommend you take a look at the website its fun with a couple more quirky hair accessories.  

TINT Hair Chalk

So what do you think of the products?

I do not take credit for these photos, they were taken from the website finedeatherheads. 

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