Friday, 27 July 2012


Ok so people are either going to love this post or hate it. As you can see its a post about these crazy decorative eye lashes. Theses aren't your usual party lashes but really fancy paper eyelashes, thats right they are made from paper. According to the site you can wear  them more then once which is really cool especially as they are so intricate. Theses eye lashes are for very special occasions. There are designs to choose from so I suggest to give them a look. I've just had an idea, if you think the whole line is a bit much maybe cut them up into strips and maybe just wear it at the ends of your lashes. I dont know if that will definitely work but it will give you that intricate detailing but more subtly. Personally I quite like them, there different are very decorative. They're £11.99 which is a bit pricey but come on surely you can see why.
So what do you think of them? Would be daring enough to try them?

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