Friday, 30 March 2012

Keep the sun out with these amazing quirky sunglasses.This website has a range quite vintage looking glasses which I love and look really cool. These very interesting pieces will make up a fantastic summer outfits. This site also has cute heart-shaped and swirly designs. Something that is also great is that they are fairly prices, its an american website but converted they are all under £10. I loved the range of colours and designs that the website had, you wouldnt be having the same glasses at anyone else at the beach party with these. You should check out the website for more quirky sunglasses. 

Thursday, 29 March 2012


A friend of mine at my 6form has a bourbon biscuit necklace and its very cute and quite realistic. 
I thought this would be a good post on my blog so I did some food jewellery research and came up
with a few cool websites. They looks so real some of them that they actually make me want and go
eat some biscuits, but I'll do that when I finish this post. 

First website I found was If you click onto the jewellery section you'll find so
Love Heart Ring
Donuts Ringmany cute pieces, not just food.
Scrummyland Allsorts Bottle NecklaceScrummyland Biscuit Necklace
2nd website that I found was

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Blue Floral Sleeveless Shirt


I love this shirt, its very summery and pretty with the floral pattern. I would pair this top with nice pair of denim shorts or even a long shirt. 

Tropical Floral Print Shorts

Theses shorts are so cute, with the pastel coloured floral prints. They are cotton so you'll stay cooler out in the sun. I would pair these with a pink chiffon shirt. 

Beige Crochet Cardigan

I think crochet could be making it in this years summer trends. This is great for if you want to cover up but not wear something that will make you hot. This would pretty much go with anything.

Black Floral Cotton Dress

This dress is very pretty, with its sweetheart neckline and floral design. With this dress I would just wear some summery sandles and that's the outfit complete. 

Check out for more summery clothes at

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tatty Devine  So I've been looking around the web for websites that sell nice things, when i saw the front page of this website i knew i was in for a treat. They sell handmade perspex jewellery that are very unique and very cute.I saw some things that i wouldn't imagine being on a jewellery but that's what i like, you wont find anywhere else what they have. Having them handmade makes them that little bit special, you know they've been made with love. The jewellery are a bit pricey but you have to remember that they are handmade, its nothing a bit of saving up wont do.

This is the most random yet so cool piece of jewellery, its a crisp on a necklace. You cant tell me you've ever seen this and your friends wont have either. The fact that this is handmade also blows my mind. Its a very weird but cute piece of jewellery i just had to post about this one.  
This is another piece of jewellery that i thought was very quirky and verycute. It would give that geek chic look to your outfit. I basically just love it.
 If your looking for statement and colour then this necklace is 100% for you. This necklace seems quite small but is actually quite big, it comes down to the waist. This necklace is dead summer and very funky. Even with a simple black dress this would look amazing. They remind me of pearls in a weird way, remind me of 1920.
This is another very cute necklace, it screams 
spring with the simple bird and flower shape. Its even cuter because it is made from
a type pf plastic. this will brighten a little white summer dress. Again another funky necklace that you
find anywhere else. 
 "Layer this necklace over floral prints and patterns, or keep your outfit simple and allow it to shine."

This adorable bracelet is made up of guitar picks,
 which is unusual as well as fabulous. I love the bright bold colours
of this, its makes it super eye catching. If you
are a musical babe then this is the bracelet for you. You will
definitely look rocking with this bracelet around your wrist.

 This ring screams out funky, with it being a double 
ring and it having very cute looking eyes. Again 
this is another one of those never seen elsewhere pieces. I think this ring could be seen on 
someone like Katy Perry or even new crazy girl group Stooshe. I love this 
ring its very quirky and cute.

For more quirky and unusual pieces of jewellery go to

Little pair of funky shorts 

Love This Picture, What A Crazy Pair Of Shoes.


Friday, 23 March 2012

Jessie j

Jessie J is an absolutely unique,quirky and amazing singer and is the same when it comes to her fashion sense. She manages to get her personality through what she wear and because she's a quirky character her look too is quirky which i love. I love what she wears i would wear them but probably to a party. Her fashion outfits are full of pattern and colour which makes her stand out from the crowd. Her clothes are Katy Perry or Lady Gaga crazy with they have a wearable edge. If I saw someone wearing a crazy patterned pair of leggings i would find it weird but if i saw someone wearing a carousel I would assume they were going to a costume party. I think Jessie J gives girls the confidence to go out wearing what they like, weather its cheetah print or filled with pop art. As well as when she walks onto stage in a cheetah print catsuit and purple hair she turns heads when it comes to red carpet events. She look absolutely glamorous when she walked out at the "Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2011" with her block fringe gone and her wavy hair coming out. It took me a second look to see it was Jessie j, the girl I saw in a play-suit and hoodie in her video in "Do it Like a Dude". Again she got people talking when she walked out at the 2012 Grammy awards and the brits this year. Its crazy to thing she's the same person when one minute you see her looking all quirky and the next you see her strutting herself in a full length red dress. I am looking forward to see what she comes out wearing next.  
 "Just be true to who you are!" - Jessie J 

If you want to create a look similar to jessie j then here are some pieces that i thought we would catch jessie j wearing. All the garments are from boohoo, the link is at the bottom of this page. I hope you liked my post about jessie j. 

  1.  Jeni Scarf Print Luxe Bomber Jacket
  2. Annie Animal Chain Hotpants
  3. Mina Cropped Smiley Jumper
  4. Nina Tie Dye Galaxy Print Bodycon Dress
  5. Katy Stars and Stripes Leggings
  6. Jessica Bright Fluro Leopard Leggings
  7. Emma Wash Cropped Waistcoat
  8. Marie Leopard Strappy Side Crop Top
  9. Belle Tropical Animal Scoop Back Maxi Dress
  10.  Lois Union Jack Temporary Lip Tattoo
  11. Nadia Leopard Print Crop Top

Thursday, 22 March 2012

1.   Tease/Back comb your crown to create volume, and smooth hair back, with or without a part.
2.   Loosely braid hair into three sections, vertically.
3.   Roll braids up into buns and secure with hair pins.  Wrap the outer braids around the center for a woven-style bun, or secure each bun separately next to each other for a rosette look.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Another amazing video on marble nail art. You should actually go check it out. Its crazy with what YOU can end up with and at your own comfort of you home. 

Whiles looking around for some make up tips and tricks I came upon this video showing how to create marble nail art. Its soo easy and does not take alot of time i think you should give it ago. All you need is a cup, nail varnish and i think a bit of celotape to cover around the nail. I was amazed with the finishing look but also how easy was, it wasn't drawn on the nail but actually put on the pattern on by dipping your finger in a cup, it will all make sense when you watch the video below, juts have a quick look. You will be amazed as i was.


Sunday, 18 March 2012

As alot of you may know a couple of days ago was the premier of "The Hunger Games" which means lots of glamorous outfits, some better than others.

First look is of from the night is Jennifer Lawrence in Prabal Gurung, I have to say I really like this look. Why I think this fabulous gold dress works well is because of the length of the dress, if it was any shorter it wouldn't look great and even be sliding on the tacky side. At the side of the dress its cut out and again it's enough so it looks quite flirty instead of cheap. Even her make up of smoky eyes goes well with this glamorous yet feisty dress. 

Another look which got some people talking was of Miley Cyrus in Emilio Pucci. I am double opinioned on this outfit, I would be lying if I said that I hated this outfit. As an outfit it is a very beautiful piece, if you look closer its filled with pattern and a bit of sparkle. I really like the chiffon skirt it shows enough for it to be flirty.  This is a very cute and "gypsy" - like outfit and Miley does look fabulous. However this being a film premier she should have maybe worn something a bit more dressy. Its down to personal opinion and so against loads of glamorous dresses she doesn't do herself alot of favours but again she does look stunning.    

This dress sadly got my attention for the wrong reason, its Shailene Woodley in Honour. This dress hid her figure and personally makes her look older than she actually is. She is only 20 but at glance she looks about 30 which isn't good in any girls book. Apart from maybe the print this dress does nothing for. Because this dress is loosely worn it would have looked maybe better if it was shorter, to show those legs. She could have even made it look a bit nicer by juts adding a simple thin black dress to show her young waist.  

Next up is isabelle fuhrman in a lovely dress by Oscar de la renta. This girl is only 15 and knows how to wow at the red carpet event. This dress is very classic and also very cute and girly. The garment is filled from top to bottle in delicate silver embroidery to add that sparkle and glamour. The dress also fits her well and is a good length, some people wouldn't be able to pull this dress of but she does it brilliantly. Even her make up completes this look, with that shade of pink and just the simple black eye liner to create that cute but classic look. She finished the look with a ballerina bun which looks very cute and classy. At the age of 15 she is doing very well, I cant wait to see what she come up with in the future.

I'll end this post with Odette Annable in a simple white dress. This look is dead simple but quite sophisticated. She has proved that you dont need to be in a colourful, sparkly long dress to get that wow factor. This is as simple as it gets with only bangles, a bag and a pair of shoes to add that hint of colour and even then its very neutral colours. This dress fits her so well, it hugs her in all the right places. Why this look is show stopping is because of the length of the dress, I think any shorter or longer and it would have ruined the classy yet very flirty look. She has kept this simple look also in her make up as she barely has any but just high lighting what she already has. There inst much more I can say, just that sometimes keeping it simple is better. 

For more looks of the evening visit: 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I think this is the most beautiful women in the world, and these photos are stunning aswell.

I was on a blog and saw a picture of feather extensions. Its basically long, thin feathers that you add to your hair like extensions. I like thin ones as they give that little bit of extra colour and quirky to your hairstyle. Its gives you that earth-girl look which is really cute. It will fit in with this years summer trends as its all natural and floral and feathers will fit well. Personally I like the brightly colours ones, it gives your air more of a fun bold look. Image how great they'd look while playing with the sand on the beach in the summer sun. type into Google 'feather extensions' and you'll get lots of sites that sell them. Here are a few to make things easier for you

hilary duff fringe haircut