Sunday, 4 March 2012

Big Is Beautiful 

Big is nothing less from beautiful and I find it quite sad when big girls find the need to change just to fit into society. Why is it easier to see beauty in a skinny girl on the catwalk than in a bigger size girl. Big is beautiful and I respect women who look at themselves and say this is me, and accept it. Hopefully society changes to accept people the way they are, whether they are size 8 or size 16. If we were all the same then this world would be dead boring and there would be no identity. People should use and be proud of what they have.not cover it up just because society see's you as being fat. 
I found this poem and thought that it was really beautiful and meaningful 

  True beauty
                   Jean Pullman

True beauty is in the way she laughs
True beauty is in her 
True beauty is how she acts
True beauty is inside
True beauty is unseen
True beauty is only felt
True beauty is not mean
True beauty is herself
True beauty can't be cruel
True beauty is bare
True beauty within you
True beauty is always there
True Beauty can't be covered with make-up
True beauty means true love
True beauty can't be baked up
True beauty is the flight of a dove
True beauty has no flaws
For True beauty is all that matters after all 
I went on the internet to find some images of well know celebrities who aren't size 8 and proud. These women are beautiful because they have the confidence to step out into the world without caring what certain people say.
 Amber Riley from the amazing American musical Comedy- drama television series 'Glee'. I love this dress on her, it emphasises what she already has a nice and curvy body. She isn't going to cover up what she has and why should she when she looks that lovely. This dress looks 100% more nicer on her then it would have on a size 0 girl. If you have curves then dont hide them but show the world, you make up the beauty in the world so dont hide behind what some people say.

 Here we have the stunning Melissa McCarthy in a stunning full length navy blue sparky dress. This dress shows that she is a fun woman who is going dress in fabulous dresses because she can and isn't going to hide what she has. She is a big woman but is still going to look as stunning and fashion forward as a size 8 girl. She is happy with her size that instead of loosing weight and wearing great designer dresses she is designing her own plus size fashion range. She said that while she cares about her weight and would like to be thinner she realizes it’s not that important in the scheme of things. So although she's like to be skinnier she is happy with her body and why shouldn't she be, she looks stunning.

Holly Willoughby - National Television Awards - Arrivals I couldn't have a post about big is beautiful without a mention of the stunning Holly Willoughby. I think she is a size 12, some girls honestly think this size is unflattering but looks at holly and be proud. She looks stunning in this black fitted dress, she is definitely turning heads dressed as beautiful as she is. You dont have to be the skinniest girl to looks beautiful, just get the confidence and show the world who you are. In an interview she said she described her style as being "Sophisticated, comfortable and sexy". She is comfortable with her body and that's why she looks fabulous, feel good about your body and you'll look good.

Adele Adele makes her arrival at the Brit Awards 2012 held at the O2 Arena in  Greenwich, London. Now moving along to the world selling Adele, she is Beautiful. You dont have to be small to achieve great thing as this amazing, inspirational woman has proved. 

She told People magazine: “I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that.” This is why she is such an inspiration to everyone, she is happy with the way she is and that's how everyone in the world should think. If something doesn't fit you then dont worry about it, go out and find something that will fit you, feels comfortable and makes you looks priceless. Be proud of your body. 

Now Last but not least, the beautiful woman Marilyn Monroe. If she isn't a reason to believe you are beautiful and still be a size 16 then I dont know what it. She is one of the most beautiful women in history even if she wasn't a size 6. She is a curvy and stunning woman that will hopefully inspire loads of people all over the world to love their bodies and show the world. Being proud and confident is all it takes. If Marilyn Monroe could love herself then so could anyone. 

Dont waste your life hiding behind baggy t-shirts all the time, show off what lots of women are showing off. Start looking in the mirror and look at what makes you you. If we all looked the same and 'perfect' then the world would be dull and boring. You are beautiful and you have to believe it to see it. what makes you beautiful is not the size of your waste but believing that you are. The main focus of this post was about big being beautiful but really everyone, any size is beautiful just remember that.

 Thank you for reading x 

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