Friday, 23 March 2012

Jessie j

Jessie J is an absolutely unique,quirky and amazing singer and is the same when it comes to her fashion sense. She manages to get her personality through what she wear and because she's a quirky character her look too is quirky which i love. I love what she wears i would wear them but probably to a party. Her fashion outfits are full of pattern and colour which makes her stand out from the crowd. Her clothes are Katy Perry or Lady Gaga crazy with they have a wearable edge. If I saw someone wearing a crazy patterned pair of leggings i would find it weird but if i saw someone wearing a carousel I would assume they were going to a costume party. I think Jessie J gives girls the confidence to go out wearing what they like, weather its cheetah print or filled with pop art. As well as when she walks onto stage in a cheetah print catsuit and purple hair she turns heads when it comes to red carpet events. She look absolutely glamorous when she walked out at the "Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2011" with her block fringe gone and her wavy hair coming out. It took me a second look to see it was Jessie j, the girl I saw in a play-suit and hoodie in her video in "Do it Like a Dude". Again she got people talking when she walked out at the 2012 Grammy awards and the brits this year. Its crazy to thing she's the same person when one minute you see her looking all quirky and the next you see her strutting herself in a full length red dress. I am looking forward to see what she comes out wearing next.  
 "Just be true to who you are!" - Jessie J 

If you want to create a look similar to jessie j then here are some pieces that i thought we would catch jessie j wearing. All the garments are from boohoo, the link is at the bottom of this page. I hope you liked my post about jessie j. 

  1.  Jeni Scarf Print Luxe Bomber Jacket
  2. Annie Animal Chain Hotpants
  3. Mina Cropped Smiley Jumper
  4. Nina Tie Dye Galaxy Print Bodycon Dress
  5. Katy Stars and Stripes Leggings
  6. Jessica Bright Fluro Leopard Leggings
  7. Emma Wash Cropped Waistcoat
  8. Marie Leopard Strappy Side Crop Top
  9. Belle Tropical Animal Scoop Back Maxi Dress
  10.  Lois Union Jack Temporary Lip Tattoo
  11. Nadia Leopard Print Crop Top

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