Thursday, 1 March 2012

I was looking in a magazine and came across this shoe website, I checked it out and was amazed at what styles of shoes they had. The varieties of shoes were so amazing that I had to blog it. If you love shoes you will love this website. Some of the designs of shoes were different to what I have seen in shops, they were quirky and decorative. If you don't mind spending a bit of  on shoes then this is the site, but even still spending a good amount of money on shoes once in a while is OK. I have put some of the shoes that I really like, have a look on the website as you might see something you like.

This shoe is AMAZING its black and white but filled with decorative drawing-like pattern. This shoe was designed by a tattoo artist so that explains the really creative design of it. The drawings on the shoe suggest someone quite rock-ish. This shoe is £70 but it would definitely be worth it.

 From rocking shoes to very girly sweetheart shoes. This shoe is extremely girly and very cute with the bow at the front of the shoe. This shoe as you can see if filled with colour and this is what makes it really lovely. The heel of the shoe is something I dont usually see around and for some reason reminds me of the shoe in the fairytale 'cinederella'. This is such a summery shoe and will look great with a simple white dress. The shoe is designed like the shoes in the 1920's which was quite a simple yet glamorous era. This shoe is £60 but very cute and fun.

Now, this shoe is the first shoe that I saw and loved. Rainbow colours shoes can either work or not work and I personally think these shoes really work. It doesn't look too tacky but quite fun. I love the rainbow stripes against the rest of the black shoe, it really stands out. This shoe is very glamorous but also shows that party fun side. I love them even more because they are platform and give that extra height, being short means needing platform shoes. This shoe cost £90 again pricey but really cool.
Now for something a bit more relaxed, cheery printed vans. These vans I thought were very funky yet very cute, I suppose anything covered in cherries are. There's a good coverage of cherries so its not too much, well I think so anyway. These shoes are £45 so not as expensive as the previous shoes. These might not be your style but the website has more great designs and colours.

These boots are gorgeous, I love the wrapped around strips. The strips that go around the boots give it more detail and from the side looks like bows which gives it that sexiness. I like the colour of the boots aswell, this boot is quite autumn looking and would look great while walking in the golden leaves. The boots are made from leather so they wont get all wet when your splashing in the rain. These boots are currently on sale at the price of £34.99, being reduced from £95 so if you want them go get them before they sell out.

 These shoes are very summery, some people like to go flat during the sun season. Flats dont have to be dull and plain, these sandals are decorative with black and white beads. The colour of the sandals means that they will go with everything, a white dress or a red one. The back has a zip so it easier to put on, and having back means that they aren't constantly making a flapping sound which can e annoying. Theses summery sandals are only £40, not too bad then.

Thought I would show you one more of the shoes I  loved. Polka dots shoe, how much cuter can you get. These shoes scream fun and flirty with the red sections of the shoes screaming flirty and quite sexy. With these gorgeous shoes you will be turning heads. I love how the two colours go so well. This with a simple black dress will look great. These stunning shoes only cost £55, what a great price so not a lot of saving time.

If you have liked any of the shoes or even maybe just wondering what other types of shoes they sell then head over to . These were only a couple of shoes that I thought looked nice but there are honestly so much more so go have a look, you will be amazed at what you see, you might even be spending a bit of money.

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