Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tatty Devine  So I've been looking around the web for websites that sell nice things, when i saw the front page of this website i knew i was in for a treat. They sell handmade perspex jewellery that are very unique and very cute.I saw some things that i wouldn't imagine being on a jewellery but that's what i like, you wont find anywhere else what they have. Having them handmade makes them that little bit special, you know they've been made with love. The jewellery are a bit pricey but you have to remember that they are handmade, its nothing a bit of saving up wont do.

This is the most random yet so cool piece of jewellery, its a crisp on a necklace. You cant tell me you've ever seen this and your friends wont have either. The fact that this is handmade also blows my mind. Its a very weird but cute piece of jewellery i just had to post about this one.  
This is another piece of jewellery that i thought was very quirky and verycute. It would give that geek chic look to your outfit. I basically just love it.
 If your looking for statement and colour then this necklace is 100% for you. This necklace seems quite small but is actually quite big, it comes down to the waist. This necklace is dead summer and very funky. Even with a simple black dress this would look amazing. They remind me of pearls in a weird way, remind me of 1920.
This is another very cute necklace, it screams 
spring with the simple bird and flower shape. Its even cuter because it is made from
a type pf plastic. this will brighten a little white summer dress. Again another funky necklace that you
find anywhere else. 
 "Layer this necklace over floral prints and patterns, or keep your outfit simple and allow it to shine."

This adorable bracelet is made up of guitar picks,
 which is unusual as well as fabulous. I love the bright bold colours
of this, its makes it super eye catching. If you
are a musical babe then this is the bracelet for you. You will
definitely look rocking with this bracelet around your wrist.

 This ring screams out funky, with it being a double 
ring and it having very cute looking eyes. Again 
this is another one of those never seen elsewhere pieces. I think this ring could be seen on 
someone like Katy Perry or even new crazy girl group Stooshe. I love this 
ring its very quirky and cute.

For more quirky and unusual pieces of jewellery go to

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