Sunday, 22 July 2012

New Top

This is my first outfit of the day post that im doing, I got a new top so I thought i'd give it a go. I was looking for blouses to get with my maxi skirt as I realised I didn't have a lot or ones that would go with the skirt. I saw this one and just loved it, it was a chiffon-y material (which I love) and was zebra print so I got it. If I am correct it was £7 from Risky which is a bargain. Its one of those long tops so I can wear it as a dress but also as a blouse that I can tuck in to my maxi skirt. The back is longer than the front which is a nice detailing I thought, you can see in the 2nd picture. I love this top, it is especially good for summer hopefully the weather will be more like this as its amazing. However I wont really be going out as im fasting so people wont get to see my nice top but yeah you have the first look. 
What do you think of my top? What do  you think about animal print?

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