Saturday, 28 July 2012

Spa Products

Ok a couple days ago I received a package with some spa goodies in there. I received a sample of 'salt brushing' from 'Spa Find', Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo and Dead Sea Spa Magik Hair Magik Serum'. They came in a little sachet and I forgot to take a couple of pictures but below are from the website.
Mineralizing Body Lotion

"A delightfully aromatic and invigorating spa exfoliation treatment combining pure Dead Sea Salt to remove dead skin cells and revive skin texture, Vitamin E to aid skin repair and protect, and Coconut Oil to nourish and promote a soft, smooth and hydrated body."

This product was absolutely lovely, Its an exfoliator and thats what it did. My skin did feel quite soft afterwards which was a lovely feeling. It also smelt fabulous even though there was no fragrance added all just natural things. The smell lasted a couple of hours which was nice and relaxing. Having it being made from natural products was another good thing because what you were putting on your body was filled with goodness. This product comes in at around £13, which is quite good considering all its benefits and what its made from. Personally this is one of those luxury items, not for everyday use but its good and works so I think I could look into buying this in the future. Judging by this product I think I will probably look into trying some of their other products.

"Dead Sea Spa Magik hair products give your hair volume, bounce, and shine whilst helping to relieve dry, flaky scalp conditions. Each strand of hair is drenched with thirst quenching Dead Sea minerals to give you hair to die for!"

The next sample I received was from 'Dead Sea Spa Magik'. It was a shampoo and hair serum which I tried yesterday. First of all the shampoo was really good, it lathered alot so your hair got full coverage. It also meant you didn't have to use that much on your hair. The smell was lovely and relaxing, just like if you were at a spa. My head/hair was dry before I used it and that completely changed when I used the shampoo. I checked in the mirror after I dried my hair and it wasnt dry, I thought maybe its because I just had a shower so to really double check I checked it today and still my scalp/head was nice and not dry. I was amazed and what it had done, and especially after that 1 use. I then used the serum which I applied when I dried my hair and oh my god it was amazing. When I wash my hair after I dry it its all thick and curly and annoying to brush but using this product made it soo easy. I was brushing my hair like I hadn't just washed it I was soo amazing. Im not exaggerating at how amazing these 2 products are they made my hair quite soft, shiny and easy to brush. People who have thick wavy/curly hair will now what im on about. This is the best hair product I have used. For 330mls its £8.26 for the shampoo and for 150mls its £16.00 for the serum. These 2 product are so amazing I think I probably would buy it again and recommend it to those who have dry scalps, dry hair and dandruff and all the rest. I am so glad I found these products they really are amazing

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