Sunday, 10 March 2013

Daisy Street Logo
Hello my lovely readers hope you are all well. Ok so I literally found this website like 15 minutes ago and thought it was so amazing that I would write about it now. I saw their logo and was draw to it because of the pretty colours and pictures. I am so happy I clicked it because its such an amazing site. It offers trendy, almost urban looking clothes at ridiculously good prices, I was so shocked when I looked at how much the pieces cost. I am only going to pick out my top 3 pieces if not I'll end up writing about everything on their website.

Ok so this dress just fabulous, if you click on the link and zoom in
you will see that the dress is covered in loads of random images like
cards, butterflies faces. This is just a stunning statement piece to wear. 
Its hard to explain exactly why but there's something about this print 
that makes it youthful and urban. The back has a cut-out circle detailing 
which is nice for those summer days. I just love how the dress is very
artistic in the drawings an the actual print. This is look would do perfectly
with some killer ankle boots. And what makes me love this dress even 
more is the fact that its £13.99... yes thats not a typo. I've seen simple
tops that cost more than this dress. Honestly, I expected this dress top be
£30 maybe £40. 


Now for the second dress that caught my eye. This dress 
is a bit more peppy but still really cute. I would style it with 
a crop top , like in the image to get that cute school girl look. 
This is such a cute summer look. Wear it with ankle boots 
or even some trainers. This dress costs £14.99 again a pretty 
good price.

Aswell and clothes Daisystreet also sells shoes and accessors. This was on the first page so I thought i'd add it on here. Personally I think these shoes just scream out summer. Its a stunning shade of pink its not quite pastel but its not too in your face. I think the material makes it very girly and pretty aswell as the buckle. These come in a couple of colours so you'll have to check the site. What you could wear these shoes with is just endless. I hear you're asking me how much they are, well they are £24.99 which I think personally is a very good price for them.

So what do you think of so far?